Congratulations!!! You’ve won an all expenses paid vacation to the beautiful southern Italy! Escape the cold drudgery of winter, pack your bathing suits and sandals and prepare for two days of bliss and beauty. Stroll along the beach at sunset! Pick grapes from the vineyard! Enjoy a wine tasting at your own private villa! Hike through the mountains, bathe in crystal clear springs, luxurate on your very own private island… No charge, all free and all for you! The vacation of a lifetime…  

Sure, it sounds like a dream come true doesn’t it? Until, of course, you never return… Ten families, couples and groups of friends won that vacation and not one of them were ever heard from again. Some say the island is haunted by the souls of those who were taken, but the truth is no one knows what happened. Once their time was up on the island… they were just gone.. No belongings were found, no fingerprints, no strands of hair, no one from the mainland remembered seeing them… But there were pictures all over social media. Photos of the beach and the grapes and the villa, laughing happy pictures… Not a single cry for help.

What happened? What monstrosity lurks on the island that devours every piece of humanity that seems to touch it? Will you be brave enough to help us unravel the mystery? If so… pack your bathing suits and sandals and prepare for two days of bliss and beauty… because two days are all you’re going to get.

Join us Jan 25th – 27th at 12:00 pm slt for an ExPEAdition at Noelia Island. Discover what nefarious end met our hapless tourists, earn an achievement and an exclusive prize as a souvenir of your adventure. Keep in mind ExPEAditions only last 48 hours!

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