The North Star found these maps and gave them to the sisters. They showed a path the Sun and Moon could take so that the sisters would at least be able to see each other a few times a year. While he could never bring them home again he could at least give them time to see each other. The eternity spent with their fathers, while not the blessed life they had with their mother, was bearable and sweet. Thus the equinoxes were created and the Sun and the Moon began to travel these continuous and congruent paths.

For their cruelty, the stars were punished. If they would not move to bring the sisters home then they would only be allowed to move in pictures of the sisters choosing. They chose the things that they loved and missed about the earth beneath them so that the constellations were born as well. Thus magic was born and the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth were set upon their orbit so that the two sisters may pass by each other. This way they can remember what it felt like to walk hand in hand spreading magic across Mother Earth.

~The End~

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