Achievements! Level UP! Awards! What is a game without the achievements that come with it? Hours spent at an arcade just to see your name make Leader Board status, extra quests to get that exclusive award item, half the fun of playing a game is to achieve the extras and bonus content stashed inside. Here at MadPea we understand that drive to compete and achieve and have answered it with our very own achievement system.

Check out our amazing achievement system!

It all starts with joining in! MadPea is more than just a store, more than just a Second Life game developer, it is an experience. Once you begin to join in on all the great fun to be had, you will find that for almost every event, game, hunt or challenge there will be an achievement to gain from it, and usually more than one! Not only can you wrack up points by playing the MadPea games, you can also get them by joining in on Hunts, ExPEAditions, and attending special events that are occasionally hosted at one of the several MadPea locations. Every now and then there will even be surprise events that offer an exclusive one time only achievement, so it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on group announcements and group chat so you don’t miss out! 2018 will bring us yet another amazing bonus for wracking up those achievements and levels when Mad World will be unveiled. While I can’t say too much about the upcoming MadPea Theme park just yet, I can definitely mention that there will be exclusive games and prizes for certain levels. In fact by design Mad World will cater to the level and achievement system as it offers games and prizes and achievements galore!

Every level comes with exclusive prizes, woohoo!

Every achievement you unlock will have a value of anywhere between 10 – 300 points, depending on the difficulty of unlocking that particular goal. For instance, just joining the MadPea group will earn you 10 points right off the bat. Neat, huh? Each Achievement is like a badge of honor and sometimes it’s just fun to collect them for the sake of having them. With names like “Hungry Much?, Cake is no lie, Banana fingers!, Rebel without a Claus, Flattened like a Pancake, The Great Catzby, and Have You Seen My Childhood?” how can you possibly resist the urge to claim them as your own? The MadPea team is always working hard to come up with new and fun ways to offer up achievements to unlock, so even if you’ve missed out on one of our past games or events, worry not! There will be plenty of opportunities to unlock more achievements and earn more points just around the corner. With MadPea Productions, there is always something fantastic cooking!

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But what do all these points mean? After you’ve finished the game, rounded up all the goodies (or baddies) from the hunt or attended a special event and earned your achievement points, what’s next? This is where you begin to LEVEL UP! Nothing quite compares to that long awaited moment when you earn that final point that pushes you over the edge to that next level. Once you start accumulating your points you are able to keep track of them by checking out the Leader Boards on the MadPea website, or you can try out our handy dandy InfoHUD that keeps track of your points right on the HUD face itself! I know! So cool! But wait! There’s more! Not only do you get the satisfaction of leveling up but each level comes with an exclusive prize. Gain levels, get swag! What could be better? Well, except maybe a cool medallion spinning overhead to display your level… Oh, wait! That’s right, with a nostalgic tip of the hat to many gaming classics the MadPea developers have just created an attachable medallion that will proudly display your level overhead, a great add-on to any outfit when you’re in the midst of one of our games or hunts.

I’ll take one Slurpea please! Check out the Level 2 Achievement Reward!

Join in on all the MadPea fun, earn achievements and points, gain levels and win great prizes! Just one more way MadPea Productions brings fun and entertainment to your Second Life. For more information check out the links below.