Raegan Willow

Raegan Willow

Beta Pea

Born in the UK and mother of 4 cats (uh oh crazy cat lady alert), Rae first discovered SL just over 8 years ago (on a different avatar).

When she came back from her sl vacation she created this new avi and discovered more of the new world SL has to offer. That's where she also stumbled across MadPea! Although she'd shopped there in the past, and dropped a fair few Ls on her gacha addiction, her first proper experience wasn't until she tagged along with friends on the Easter Hunt. Besides the hunts, she became fascinated with the escape rooms, and then the experiences. Never really experiencing anything like this before she became even more of a fan of MadPea and loves the storylines, experiences they've created. The Escape rooms will always be her favourite - the cabin still makes her shudder.

Besides beta testing for MadPea, she hosts and assists live performers, and also likes to catch a live show. She can also be found decorating/building homes/sims and also enjoys taking photos in world. When she's not doing that, she's sorting her ever-growing inventory.

Outside of the SL world, Rae loves to read, write, get her creative freak on and also likes to make all sorts of aromatherapy potions. Her favourite cookie is oat and raisin, and she strongly believes pineapple DEFINITELY belongs on pizza!