Agents of Mystery is a grid-wide interactive adventure hunt from MadPea, and if you love our hunts and adventure games, you are going to LOVE this!  You become a MBI operative and work to stop the mysterious “Collective” by discovering cryptic clues, scooping up valuable treasures, and collecting amazing prizes as you go.

But we couldn’t run this hunt without the fabulous Peas who participate by hosting the Intelligence (hiding clues!) in their stores, sims and land.  Read on to learn more about some of them!

My first stop was Petal Beach owned by Eleanor Alias (Eleanor8).  Eleanor is a self-confessed crazy cat lady – and MadPea LOVES crazy!  Petal Beach is certainly a cat-lover’s heaven, with felines of every shape, size and colour hanging out and living their best life.  Stop by for an ice cream and stay to pet the wild bunch of KittyCats, who are playing, grooming or just lazing about in the sun.  Petal Beach is a multicoloured pastel treat, with fiendishly well-hidden Intelligence – so thanks for supporting MadPea, Eleanor!

Petal Beach

Next stop was Eris Isle, owned by Pablo Nova and his wife Karma Koppel.  There was quite a bit of Intelligence to find when I visited, giving me the opportunity to thoroughly explore this gorgeous and cool photography sim.  The land is scenic and varied, and filled with interesting spots to discover.  You can hang with friends at the campsites (dibs on the yurt!). Scenic decks and cuddle spots are perfect for quiet romantic interludes.  There are places to dance, picnic or just wonder at.  Try riding a swan boat or hot air balloon for a unique view of this beautiful sim.

Eris Isle

Lastly, no round-up would be complete without a mention of Noelia Island.  This is a stunning Mediterranean Island owned by Ida Carlberg and her partner Lyshco.  The place is simply stunning, and well worth a visit in its own right (even the most dedicated MBI operative needs a break!).  Take photos, or simply wander through the incredible gardens with someone special. The villa on the cliffs gives a perfect view, and you can take a zip line to the next island to find the Magic Stone of Wisdom. Ida and Lyshco are dedicated Peas who are not only welcome regulars to our games and events, but who have collaborated with MadPea at Noelia Island in the past, and we are very grateful for their continued support.

Noelia Island

Agents of Mystery runs from 22 June to 17 August, and we will continue to update you about some of the fabulous places to visit.  If you want to participate in this way, simply purchase Intelligence at the MadPea main store and tuck it away for our fearless operatives to find!  It’s a great way to join in the fun, raising traffic in your store or sim and sharing your amazing vision with hundreds of Peas.  Find more information HERE!