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The MadPea Summer Hunt Guide for Hunters

By | 2017-07-04T15:00:20+00:00 June 24th, 2017|

  - START LOCATION -  Dear Shell Hunter, We warmly welcome you to the two week summertime  madness of hidden shells, prizes, amazing locations, achievements, rewards and much more!  The mayhem runs from June 25th until July 9th 2017. HOW TO GET STARTED You will need a HUD to play. Teleport to the Mad City Beach Area [...]

Glass Jars was a hit!

By | 2017-05-09T09:59:49+00:00 May 9th, 2017|

On April 30th, 2017 the Peas went on an exPEAdition to Glass Jars by Art Oluja . The sim is mostly underwater so many Peas chose to come dressed for a swim. A lovely mer-couple and myself. An inner tube and re-breather help this Pea navigate the deep waters of Glass Jars, while [...]

It’s exPEAdition Time!

By | 2017-04-24T12:41:03+00:00 April 24th, 2017|

After a month long break, exPEAditions are back! This month we will be exploring an LEA sim titled, "Glass Jars by Art Oluja" .  I was able to get a private tour with the artist herself and she explained that the piece is all about emotions, and memories.  Much of the inspiration for Glass Jars [...]

The Tower – How to Play

By | 2017-03-21T11:57:33+00:00 March 20th, 2017|

  Start your adventure HERE You find yourself in a strange place with no memory of who you are or how you got here. Your only hope of escape rests in solving a series of challenging puzzles. Can you uncover the truth before it's too late? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZATf0KzKH3k To finish The Tower successfully you will [...]