“It’s like my mind is a labyrinth and behind each corner is a box full of tales and ideas ready to come out. I am busy running around closing the boxes because my brain can’t handle them, but I’m doomed because one’s already popped open with strange characters running around my messy mind screaming at me because they want their story to be told. I’ve been like this all my life… I don’t look for inspiration or ideas, they come to me in the most random places at the most random times.. typically when I’m already busy with 3-4 projects.”

If you’ve ever wondered what is behind the mad genius of the games you love so much, this quote from Kiana, The Queen Pea herself, should sum it up nicely… And in an awesomely dark way!

One of the unfinished locations. Can’t have a proper murder mystery without a morgue…

From what I’ve seen and heard, Sinister Slaughters, the newest game coming in our lineup is surely going to show some of the deepest places in those ‘boxes’ Kiana can’t shut. For that we should all be very thankful!

At heart, the game is an immersive crime scene detective story. But, being who we are, you know that’s nowhere near all there is to it… No, in Sinister Slaughters there’s the added awesomeness of you, the detective, being psychic.

Yes, there’s psychics, blood, murder, mystery, and a lot of strange happenings. What more could you ask for in a creatively genius game?

So how is Sinister Slaughters different than other MadPea games? “This game is more an immersive story where you explore the murders, finding clues in an interactive environment without a grid-wide part.” The game takes place entirely on MadPea land, painstakingly created by the crew to be a one of a kind experience for all players. 

I got to go on a tour of most of the game locations, which felt a bit like a peek behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz, but way darker and WAY more exciting! We started in a subway station, scattered with pink boxes and green cones everywhere, Kiana giving me a tour, “I think people like to see what goes into making a game.” An example of this is the little pink boxes, green cones, and such scattered around the area we’re standing in. These mark area’s where the team needs to add things and fill in some blanks. And there are a lot of these boxes throughout the different game locations. Which means many more fab, fun, or even gruesome, things to be added!

In walking through the sets and scenes you’d think a behind the scenes look would give away secrets you want to wait in anticipation for, but really it makes me even more excited to get into this crazy detective story. And as the Queen Pea reminded me… “It’ll still be a mystery!” I had a feeling she was grinning evilly on the other side of that conversation as she said this, and even outright laughing after I nearly jumped out of my seat entering one room and seeing an NPC that looked eerily real!

Okay, what goes into a game such as Sinister Slaughters then? Well, according to Kiana the concept started back in October. That is months of planning, creating, scripting, decorating and designing. Creating the different locations within the game alone took a couple months, wanting everything to look perfectly real and immersive, matching the houses with the families they belong to in the game. But it was apparently also one of the most fun parts for Kiana.

“Decorating is one of my passions I rarely have time for, so it’s relaxing to do something like this.”

That passion really shines through in the scenes throughout the game. With the help of Fae, Chu, Kes and Jestyr, the locations look amazingly real and you can almost imagine the people that would live there. But you won’t actually have to imagine it, because the awesome graphics teams do a miraculous job of filling in the story with images and visions. I only saw a sneak peek and I was blown away. 

Fabulously put together top-secret location of the game. Are you dying to find out what happened here?

I also stalked down Aaronax, (Never an easy task as he likes to hide, but I’m a bit tenacious and I tracked him down for you!), to hear a little more about this. Aaron is leading on graphic design for the game and there’s been a lot of work put into making this game new and realistic.

“I created the logo and poster for it, then the hud graphics, poked at it every now and again between all the other projects that popped up between then and now, until finally devoting 89% of the time working on it now.”

Have to love his attention to detail… If he can give such an exact percentage of his time he’s spending on the game now, imagine what the outcome will look like!

Aaron said that Sinister Slaughters, as opposed to a game like INCA, has been heavier on the 2D side. The HUD has been created from scratch along with loading screens, visions, and graphics inside locations, these are all brand new things not used previously.

Levio, our resident tiger (we’re mad, so does it really surprise you we have a resident tiger?), and scripter on this particular game echoed from a scripting standpoint that much of what will be seen as far as the visions and so go, is all brand new and will be something for the players to look forward to. I know I am!

The 3D team have not been idle though either, and never are. With the ever-quirky EM (If you own any MadPea things, odds are you own something EM made…) creating special items just for this game, we’re sure to have some peculiar and interesting one of a kind items specifically for and from Sinister Slaughters. I’m sure you MadPea collectors are as excited about those as the rest of us! 

One especially fun aspect of Sinister Slaughters (okay this one is totally from my own perspective) is the visions. It’s no secret Kiana likes to kill off her crew… and this game is no exception! Without going into too much detail let’s just say she fulfills that itch in this in a very fun and cool way. To find out what that is, though, you’ll just have to play the game…

So, Sinister Slaughters will be a really cool, interactive, immersive “whodunit” with added twists and turns we’ve all come to love so much from this awesome bunch. If the glimpses we’ve seen are even half as exciting as the final product, I think we should all be sitting on the edges of our seats chomping at the bit for this game to be ready!