Mini Gacha Mysteries: Y2K

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Peas in the zone will poke every item, search under each bed or doorway, and even climb to the tops of trees or buildings; ultimately leaving no corner unexplored. It is this curious and focused determination that drives Peas to the adventures that MadPea is so adept in providing. In this series of articles reintroducing [...]

No REST for the Wicked – Only the Mad!

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There may be no REST for the wicked, but there sure is for the Mad! MadPea, that is. This month our Premium Members are enjoying an exclusive grid-wide hunt experience showcasing some of the hottest designers in Second Life as well as some highly notable up and comers. Everyone knows how we love our hunts [...]

Peas on the Hunt

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Wow! What a few weeks it’s been! We all hope you guys had a blast with our MadPea Monster Hunt! By now they’ve all been rounded up, wrangled in and carted away in those cute backpacks - but what a wild ride it was! I was able to pull a few of our Hunters aside [...]

MadPea Superfans – TayTay Denimore

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MadPea makes incredible games with twists and turns that thrill and confound. The rich story-lines, challenging puzzles and exciting adventures add a true spark to our everyday Second Lives, keeping us coming back for more, and with good reason. Even the achievement and ranking system gives an extra dash of something special to many Peas. [...]

MadPea Monster Hunt Hosts – Hiding for Hunters’ Happiness!

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The MadPea Monster Hunt is in full swing!  Hunters are scrambling all over the grid to find those Eggers, Ziggletuffs, Gloops, Snorkleblatz, Demonoids, Terrorfins, and those elusive Gnarlings. However, a hunt is not a hunt without monsters to find, so let me shine a bit of light on a few of our brilliant Monster Hunt [...]


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DEAR MONSTER HUNTERS We warmly welcome you to the two week Halloween madness of hidden Monsters, prizes, amazing locations, achievements, rewards and much more! The monstrous mayhem runs from October 20th till November 3rd 2018. START HERE You will need a HUD to play Teleport to the GAME START and purchase the HUD to get started. We have [...]

MadPea Halloween Hunt Background Story

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The MadPea Halloween Monster Hunt starts October 20th, and our intrepid Hunters will have to slog through the depths, climb the greatest heights, fly through... Well, you get the idea. Of course, you'll need to know the Monsters to catch them, and in this story you might find that nugget you need to become the [...]

MadPea at Epiphany!!

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October is one Mad! Crazy month here at MadPea as we dig into our favorite season of the year. Yes. Halloween is a season now. With so many great things happening this month (looking at you Halloween Hunt 2018) it’s a real struggle to pick out which one we are excited about the most – [...]