Deco(c)rate Welcome New Designers In April

By | 2018-03-18T13:59:39+00:00 March 18th, 2018|

"...Come on with the rain, I've a smile on my face" Arthur Freed and Nacio Herb Brown Whatever The Weather, our April Deco(c)rate is just a few short weeks away and if, like me, you are getting extremely excited, hopefully this post will quench your thirst for a time! I am delighted to introduce Consignment, Dahlia and [...]

Sizzzzzle at RLD!

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Looking for hot stuff?  MadPea has what you need - you just have to sashay down to the Red Light District (RLD) event to pick it up! We are proud to present Club Tenebris, a fabulously sensual and exotic nightclub, all ready to buy.  Simply purchase the parts you want and get ready to indulge [...]

Deco(c)rate April – Whatever the weather!

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April’s Deco(c)rate will have the theme "Whatever the weather".  Now I’m English and, as everyone knows, we LOVE talking about our eccentric weather. But in nearly any part of the globe April is a month of change, heralding the transition from cold, wet winter to mild and balmy Spring in the northern hemisphere. Even our [...]

Jokers & Poets, Who Just Don’t Know It! Laughs & Limericks!

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Laughter is the best medicine.   A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.  And to quote the late funny man,  Milton Berle, "Laughter is an instant vacation."  So let us take our medicine, curve up our mouths and have a vacation with some limericks. A limerick is a poem with five lines. They are usually funny, [...]

The Annual Mad Easter Egg Hunt is coming Soon!

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Easter is approaching and due to the great success of last year's Mad Easter Egg Hunt we're doing it again! Get ready for a two week eggstravaganza with hidden eggs, prizes, amazing locations, achievements, rewards and much more! Don't worry if you didn't play last year, everyone's starting from scratch and you'll be all working together [...]

Days in Dublin Debuts Deco(c)rate Designers

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Céad míle fáilte!(One Hundred Thousand Welcomes!) Coming this March 8th will be our exciting "Days in Dublin" Deco(c)rate. We don't have to kiss the famous Blarney stone to be able to express how excited we are to be welcoming BALACLAVA!!, KraftWork, and Plastik brands to the family. So let's sit back, pour us a pint [...]

Deco(c)rate Unboxed with Mesh India!

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Welcome to another edition of Deco(c)rate Unboxed, our once a month series that takes a closer look into one of our many Deco(c)rate collaborators. For those of you just joining us, Deco(c)rate is the MadPea sponsored subscription crate that includes a variety of home décor items from Second Life’s top designers. It’s incredible value and [...]

VIPs in New Orleans

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We recently welcomed a very special group of Peas to our newest game - Nightmare in New Orleans.  These Peas were clever enough to snap up early-entry a whole 24 hours in advance of the main launch, and I spoke to some of them about their VIP experience in the game. So why are our [...]