Murder on the MadPea Express Adventure Calendar

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Advent Calendar with a Murder Mystery! with prizes from top designers December 1st - January 6th PURCHASE CALENDAR HERE HOW TO USE Purchase the Calendar at Mad City, participating collaborator stores or our Marketplace for 500L You will receive the HUD Calendar as well as a MadPea Express Train decoration in the package. Each Day [...]

MadPea Adventure Calendar – Murder on the MadPea Express

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MadPea Presents MURDER ON THE MADPEA EXPRESS  Adventure Calendar December 1st - January 6th  A horrifying murder is discovered when a long distance train MadPea Express P34 loses its power and gets stuck for the cold night in Colorado. You - the clever detective - are called in to help the Police to solve the [...]

MadPea Light Tree @ NOW at Mad City Store!

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MadPea is at the Cosmopolitan event with an awesome seasonal offering! From November 18th - November 30th you will be able to brighten those cold winter nights with the MadPea Light Tree! With many light color and pattern options, this delightful decor will warm many hearts as it shines out brightly across the snow and [...]

MadPea Turdis {Now at the Mad City Store!}

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MadPea's Turdis has come to the ManCave Event in a cloud ripe with excitement! Convenience and sweet relief are all within easy reach with the clever new portalet design by the craftsmen at MadPea! Art, comedy and sci-fi can be found in the most unusual places, to include the porta-potty! The MadPea Turdis isn't your [...]

Games vs. Hunts – what every Pea should know

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Everyone knows that MadPea offers all sorts of cool experiences in Second Life.  Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for friends, a quirky item for your home, or a brilliant activity to fill an afternoon, MadPea has the answer. Most famously of all, we are known for our games and hunts but, because [...]

MadPea Ghost Catchers @ 6Republic!

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The ever popular MadPea's Ghost Catchers collection is available at 6 Republic and we're excited about sharing this amazing movie gacha set with you! This lovingly hand-crafted assortment of unique gacha has 29 commons and 2 rares that will help you keep the streets of any city clear of those mischievous spirits from the Netherworlds! [...]

MadPea’s Terrifying Tale Trail is a Treasure Trove of Treats ~ Post #4

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MadPea's Terrifying Tale Trail is a magical experience, with a field of dreamy items waiting for you at the end.  There are 35 stores bringing their skills to this experience.  Such an abundance of shops, in fact, we had to divide the blog posts up, so we didn't bury you alive with all of the [...]

Terrifying Tale Trail – More Survivors!

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MadPea’s Terrifying Tale Trail is coming to a close on 4 November, but there is still enough time to experience this hit event! A spooky thrill,  it features tons of brilliant collaborators, 35 fabulous prizes and Achievement points for anyone who survives! But be warned - it's not as easy as it seems!  Luckily, a [...]

MadPea’s Terrifying Tale Trail is a Treasure Trove of Treats~Post #3

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MadPea's Terrifying Tale Trail is a fantastic adventure, with a wondrous cache of prizes waiting for you at the end.  So may stores - 35 in total - have brought their skills to this experience that we have split the blog posts up so as not to overwhelm you with all of the majestic designs! [...]