Revisiting MadPea’s Ghost Town: The Fun, The Scare and The Prizes!

By | 2017-09-18T15:40:55+00:00 September 18th, 2017|

Recently I took a trip back to MadPea Productions: The Ghost Town, that sweet little fishing hamlet on the shore, which is the home of freshly caught fish and freshly slaughtered townsfolk.  Returning to the scene of the crime, the victims' ghostly apparitions wait for someone to release their anguished souls. Besides, as you can read below, it's just [...]

It’s Harvest Moon time at Deco(c)rate!

By | 2017-09-16T07:41:17+00:00 September 16th, 2017|

On Sunday 8th October, MadPea is releasing our next Deco(c)rate and the theme is "Harvest Moon".  Our fabulous creators have free reign to interpret the theme, but lets explore what this could mean. The Harvest Moon is the first full moon which appears close to the autumnal equinox, or official start of autumn. Usually appearing in late September or [...]

Dear MsPeaBot…

By | 2017-09-11T11:49:41+00:00 September 11th, 2017|

Third in a series, MsPeaBot gives advice about MadPea updates to a Pea-in-need! Dear MsPeaBot, I hope you can help me, because I'm desperate.  Out of all my friends, I'm always the last to know anything!  They run off and play fabulous MadPea games, or go to exciting new events, and I'm stuck at home, oblivious!  [...]

MadPea has a new home!

By | 2017-08-31T08:51:13+00:00 August 31st, 2017|

We have been teasing Peas for days now about a big surprise coming on 1st September and now I can finally reveal - MadPea is getting a new home! From midday SLT, come on down to our shiny new sim and check us out!  To celebrate the move we'll kick off with a lovely singer [...]

Games vs. Hunts

By | 2017-08-20T09:01:46+00:00 August 20th, 2017|

For 10 years, MadPea has been loved for offering all sorts of cool experiences in Second Life.  Whether you are looking for the perfect fidget spinner to amaze your friends, or need something to fill an afternoon, MadPea has the answer. Most famously of all, we are known for our games and hunts - but [...]