Terrifying Tale Trail – the Survivors!

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MadPea's Terrifying Tale Trail is in full swing, and this new Halloween experience is proving to be a real hit!  Running until 4 November, it features 35 fabulous collaborators, some twisty puzzles and grisly deaths - well, we ARE MadPea! A few intrepid Peas have already survived, picked up armfuls of prizes and Achievements and [...]

MadPea’s Terrifying Tale Trail is a Treasure Trove of Treats~Post #2

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As posted before, MadPea's Terrifying Tale Trail is an amazing adventure,  with many exciting treasures waiting for you at the end.  There are 35 stores taking part in this experience.  So many stores, in fact, we have split the blog posts up so as not to overwhelm you with all of the brilliant designs! Let [...]

MadPea’s Terrifying Tale Trail is a Treasure Trove of Treats! Post #1

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MadPea's Terrifying Tale Trail is an amazing adventure, with treasures just waiting for you at the end.  With 35 stores taking part in this experience, there are so many goodies to gawk at that we've split them into four blog posts for you. Our first treasure is from Midna.  The Blair Necklace is a ghoulish [...]

If Halloween Thrills Are Your Thing, Check out the HALLOWRING

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We know waiting for a new game to start is the hardest part!  Well, while we are battling the goblins and ghouls who have invaded our workshop, let's detour to some delightful destinations to explore! A group of fantastic creators in support of each other and in the interest of bringing some spooky fun to [...]

MadPea’s Terrifying Tale Trail Guide for Players

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WELCOME TO MADPEA'S HALLOWEEN!  Would you like to get a whole lifetime supply of candy?! MadPea is excited to share the viral contest from Baaga Bay Corporation! They have provided carefully selected Candy Vendors around the grid with some special editions of their delicious sweet treats. A map leading to delicious rewards is hidden inside [...]

MadPea’s Ride Or Die Coffin Go Karts {NOW at Mad City Store!}

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MadPea is celebrating the spookiness of Halloween in a big way at the Man Cave event with the Ride Or Die Coffin Go Karts! Cruise through the cold and creepy nights in a style that will scrape thrills down your spine! Whether you are Trick or Treating with friends and family, or lurking in the [...]

MadPea’s Area 52 @ {NOW in the Mad City Store!}

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Area 51 has been hailed for years as the epicenter of alien research and containment. Many believe that extraterrestrials have been studied and experimented on in the deep bowels of underground military base. You know they are mistaken and the real deal is Area 52. Receiving several packages in the morning mail, from a colleague [...]

MadPea Pontoon Racers @ {Now at the Mad City Store!}

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MadPea Pontoon Racers is an amazing gacha set that will turn an ordinary day into an adventure! Speed through the oceans of SL or take this amazingly amphibious racer across the shores! The only limits in SL are your imagination! With the 31 Common and 3 Rare items in this set, you can make the [...]

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a SUPER PEA!

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In our over 10 years of existence, MadPea is proud of the innovations in virtual entertainment and gaming we have crafted for the residents of the Second Life grid.  However, even more heartwarming for the MadPea Team are the lively and helpful community of Peas that have grown with us throughout the past decade. Starting [...]