Plug your Brain into some puzzles MadPea style!

Does a gacha sometimes just feel like a collection?  Do you wish that you could interact with a gacha set?

Well, what if I told you that at MadPea we have curated some very special gachas that get your brain buzzing?  Quite a few of our gacha sets that have that little something extra, to prod those brain cells and get them churning.

What am I going on about?  A ‘secret’ puzzle in the gacha set that not only has a reward but also a much desired MadPea Achievement!

First up is our brand spanking new set that debuts at The Man Cave on January 10th,” iSpy!  Be a Secret Agent Man with this set that contains all you need to get your  Bond on!  Set up your office with an Agent Chair and Desk, zoom around with your Jetpack, check the time then garrotte the bad guy and be home to sip a martini (stirred not shaken.) There is a mystery to solve and a MadPea achievement! Check out the gacha key below before this message self-destructs in 10, 9, 8……..

Looks like the MadPea lab techs have been busy…..


Our next set is “Captain Burbridge’s Booty.”  A pirate themed set that comes with tons of amazing items.  There are decor pieces, wearable items and even an Ultra Rare Ride that can make you seasick if you’re a landlubber.  But deep within the Captain’s belongings lies a secret for you to find.  Be wary or you could be walking the plank!

The Captain was a collector of many things… can you discover his secret puzzle?

Can you keep a secret?  If you can then “Lady Kismet’s Secret” is for you!  An amazing detailed set perfect for letting your inner traveler run free.  Including a beautiful crystal ball and a Gypsy caravan big enough to move into with all the furnishings, you could want.  But Lady Kismet has a rewarding secret for you to discover within the vintage radio.

Gypsy, Tramp or Thief would be happy with all these comforts!


Some of MadPea gachas are more interactive than others. This is the case with “13 Reason Why He Had to DIE!!”  This truly interactive set has you collect and listen to the cassette tapes with a walkman-like tape player.   It even has a wonderful animation as you load and unload each tape from your player.  A creepy mystery to solve that will leave you no doubt that he had to die – and if you get it right you win a bonus prize!

Sometimes they just have to… DIE!!


Several of our old gacha sets did not have an achievement element but contained a mystery to discover within.


In the “Little Shop of Nightmares,” each individual item comes with its own creepy mysterious backstory.  The shop itself has its own spooky past too!  You will collect plenty of interesting bits and pieces in this gacha set, including a curio cabinet to display your haul and a full-size shop building.  I think my personal favorite item in this set has to be Mr. Pickles!  Collect all the pieces and set up a Little Shop of Nightmares of your very own!

What do you feed a Mr. Pickles? In fact, what IS a Mr. Pickles?



One of our most interesting sets is the “Return of the Light.”  This set was created to celebrate the winter solstice ritual of the dark days being chased away by the coming longer days of light.  When the correct items are collected and rezzed a beautiful uplifting experience unfolds before your eyes.  All of these items are wonderfully crafted and wonderful pieces for role-playing or decor sure to spark an interesting conversation in your home.