Many of us love to drive, where we turn up the radio and just escape out on the open road. But occasionally something happens and ruins the moment. Of course it is other drivers and we often experience frustration and downright anger at fellow motorists. But do not fret my lovely Peas, MadPea is offering you a way to get all that anger out; Road Rage Bumper Cars at Mad World.

Play Road Rage at Mad World!

The bumper cars are a staple of any fair ground and it is so much fun to chase your friends and relive that bone shaking experience when someone hits your car – there is nothing like it!

Unless you have gone into hibernation, you will know that Mad World is up, running and ready for you to come and play. There is so much to see and do in our creepy fairground but, although our bumper cars look like they have seen better days, never fear, they still have plenty of rev and bounce to please event the most die-hard fans.

Ride those bumper cars at MadWorld

On top of all of this the ride is absolutely free, plus awesome to play with a group of friends or family. If you haven’t been to Mad World, why not?! It is such a fun place to visit, great for taking interesting photographs and there is so much to do.

You can spin a Lucky Wheel;  ride the Tour Carts and see the whole sim in the comfort of your own cart; try your luck at zombie hunting in the arcade, or slip on you latex gloves and be an evil dentist shooting teeth. Some of the games and experiences require MadPoints to play and you can find ATMs for these dotted around the sim.

So let’s get bumping everyone and experience a little Road Rage!


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