In November 1943, 22 residents (patients & staff) went missing at the MadPea Peatonville Asylum. The research laboratory needs you! Choose from among the Bronze, Silver and Gold HUDs to play. Remember Gold HUD purchasers, if you make it to the Asylum from Peatonville Bay, your HUD will assist you in identifying the many ghosts that wander about. Time is running out! Find the shards before it is too late!

The HUDs create different experiences for SL Residents who participate in the game. For the Bronze Pea HUD at 100L, you’ll receive the HUD & Shard Detector, Standard Gameplay and the Peatonville goodie bag. For the Silver Pea HUD at 500L, you’ll receive the HUD & Shard detector, Standard Gameplay, Peatonville goodie bag, and 25 Exclusive Silver Prizes. Lastly, the Gold Pea HUD at 1000L gets you the HUD & Shard Detector, Standard Gameplay, Exclusive Ghost Hunt, Exclusive Outfit with Accessories, Peatonville Goodie Bag, 25 Exclusive Silver Prizes and 25 Exclusive Gold Prizes. The List of prizes are available here.

Regardless of which HUD you choose, your experience will be a rewarding one! Your journey will be a dangerous one, but the Research Laboratory and the missing Residents need you to complete the Peatonville Asylum before the time runs out. Bring your friends to accompany you and remember you can always ask for help in the MadPea group chat if you need it. Teleport to the Peatonville Bay here, your journey to the Asylum awaits you.