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MadPea is hosting a Pet Friends Fair for all of us that cherish our furry, feathered, fancy, freaky, and finned pet friends.  The MadPea Pet Friends Fair runs from June 30th till July 20th.  There are five amazing companies who have partnered with MadPea to bring you this event, Wilds of Organica, T|L|C, VKC, Teegle [...]

MadPea Spellbound: Our Collaborators!

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With Spellbound opening on November 25th at 1pm SLT, it's easy to get lost in the twists and turns of the intriguing story-line and the magic that will be released into the SL-verse. After all, there are puzzles to solve, spells to learn, clues to find, a mystery to unravel and, of course, Achievements to earn. The [...]

Say YES to the demo!

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Did you know that you can see demos of our larger builds and products so you can try before you buy?  Are you considering purchasing a MadPea product that doesn't exactly fit on a shelf - but are hesitating because you'd like to see it first? Then let me tell you about out handy demo [...]

Meet the team: MadPea developers, the magic makers

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Welcome to the first in a series of articles reacquainting you with the awesome members of the MadPea team. This week we are delighted to present our hard-working developers who work their magic to make sure all animated and interactive items in our gacha sets, games, hunts and more, are exciting, high quality and unique [...]

A Tale of Two Sisters at Epiphany – Chapter Two

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Earth, fire, water, air, life, and rebirth: These are the foundations all magic is based upon. As the sisters grew their magic grew with them. They learned to create just as their mother and fathers had created the universe around them. Their intent was pure and unfettered by selfish hearts. The only things they loved [...]

Days in Dublin Debuts Deco(c)rate Designers

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Céad míle fáilte!(One Hundred Thousand Welcomes!) Coming this March 8th will be our exciting "Days in Dublin" Deco(c)rate. We don't have to kiss the famous Blarney stone to be able to express how excited we are to be welcoming BALACLAVA!!, KraftWork, and Plastik brands to the family. So let's sit back, pour us a pint [...]