ExPEAdition Low Down

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ExPEAdition ExPEAdition ExPEAdition! Over the years MadPea has hosted several of what we like to call ExPEAditions! But what exactly is an ExPEAdition and what makes them so much fun? Today we are going to take a closer look at the whole experience and all they entail. Second Life is a dreamscape of fantastical realms [...]

A Tale of Two Sisters at Epiphany – Chapter Two

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Earth, fire, water, air, life, and rebirth: These are the foundations all magic is based upon. As the sisters grew their magic grew with them. They learned to create just as their mother and fathers had created the universe around them. Their intent was pure and unfettered by selfish hearts. The only things they loved [...]

Eggstra Special Golden Eggs are Here!

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Just in time for Easter, eggstra special Golden Eggs are arriving on the grid soon! These glimmering beauties give a SURPRISE present OR a random amount of points! They will only be active during Easter weekend, March 30th - April 2nd during which, hunters will be working hard to unlock an incredible new prize once they [...]

Mad Easter Egg Hunt Guide for Hunters 2018

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  - START LOCATION -  Dear Egg Hunter, We warmly welcome you to the annual two week mad eggstravaganza with hidden eggs, prizes, amazing locations, achievements, rewards and much more!  The madness runs from 22nd of March until midnight of 5th of April, 2018.HOW TO GET STARTED You need a HUD to play. Teleport to the Mad Easter Egg [...]

Sizzzzzle at RLD!

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Looking for hot stuff?  MadPea has what you need - you just have to sashay down to the Red Light District (RLD) event to pick it up! We are proud to present Club Tenebris, a fabulously sensual and exotic nightclub, all ready to buy.  Simply purchase the parts you want and get ready to indulge [...]