Glass Jars was a hit!

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On April 30th, 2017 the Peas went on an exPEAdition to Glass Jars by Art Oluja . The sim is mostly underwater so many Peas chose to come dressed for a swim. A lovely mer-couple and myself. An inner tube and re-breather help this Pea navigate the deep waters of Glass Jars, while [...]

It’s exPEAdition Time!

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After a month long break, exPEAditions are back! This month we will be exploring an LEA sim titled, "Glass Jars by Art Oluja" .  I was able to get a private tour with the artist herself and she explained that the piece is all about emotions, and memories.  Much of the inspiration for Glass Jars [...]

Fairy Tales Do Come True!

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Once upon a time... Another exPEAdition is upon us! This week we are off to visit a whimsical sim called Once Upon a Fairy Tale. The sim is made up of several floating islands connected by bridges. Each island holds an extraordinarily detailed tableau. You can expect to find witches, wizards, gnomes, fairies [...]

Oh What a Knight!

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This months exPEAdition was amazing and I am here to tell you all about it! We visited the medieval theme park "Knightfall" which is run by two of our very own staff members; Cyrus and Jestyr Knight!  The sim is decorated with fantasy medieval elements and boasts a castle, village,  and even a wintry summit [...]

exPEAdition to Knightfall!

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  Second Life's Premier Medieval Amusement Park! The creators of Ironwood Hills have done it again and brought another beautifully detailed sim to life. This gorgeous homestead is a Medieval theme park, but you won't be finding any rides here. Much like West World allows its fictional guests to fully immerse themselves in [...]

The exPEAdition to Pandora Resort was a triumph!

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This last weekend our exPEAditioners braved the hidden trails and slippery slopes of Pandora Resort. Miza and Lokhe Pandora Owners: Photo By Loverdag   Miza and Lokhe had this to say about the exPEAdition tour and hunt; "The hunt was a great experience for us and we were so honored to be part [...]

Big Achievers – MadPea Achievement Points

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Are you a winner?  Do you love our MadPea games?  Did you know you can win extra prizes just for being a super survivor, or an intrepid interviewee or even a tremendous treasure hunter? No?  Then read on.... What are Achievement Points? MadPea Achievement points are special bonuses that can be won during our games.  [...]