MadPea’s Terrifying Tale Trail is a Treasure Trove of Treats! Post #1

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MadPea's Terrifying Tale Trail is an amazing adventure, with treasures just waiting for you at the end.  With 35 stores taking part in this experience, there are so many goodies to gawk at that we've split them into four blog posts for you. Our first treasure is from Midna.  The Blair Necklace is a ghoulish [...]

Witch Hunter @ Mad World!

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Let’s go back to that first time you heard the click-click-click of the carts coming up the track for a ride you’ve been anticipating for two hours. Maybe your shoulders are a little sunburned, your hair is frizzy from the little spray bottle fan that kept you alive through the long wait… But you’re finally [...]

Spellbound- How to Play

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  START HERE WELCOME TO SPELLBOUND - Interactive & Immersive Adventure Game The Spellbound Academy of Sorcery, set close to the quaint village of Willowshire, welcomes its first year students to a new school year of magic and mystery. The Academy's dedicated teaching staff are ready to guide new students through the four key foundations of [...]

Mini Gacha Mysteries: Y2K

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Peas in the zone will poke every item, search under each bed or doorway, and even climb to the tops of trees or buildings; ultimately leaving no corner unexplored. It is this curious and focused determination that drives Peas to the adventures that MadPea is so adept in providing. In this series of articles reintroducing [...]

MadPea’s Halloween Monster Hunt is coming Soon!

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Halloween is fast approaching and due to the great success of last year's Ghost Hunt we decided to twist things up a little bit more and LET THE MONSTERS LOOSE this year!  Get ready for two weeks filled with spooktacular madness of monsters, weapons, Trick or Treat, prizes, amazing locations, achievements, rewards and much more!  [...]

Yessss! Game HUD Sale!

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We have the BEST news!  MadPea is having a sale of game HUDs so this is your chance to experience the full glory (gory?) of what we do!  Starting at 11am SLT on Monday 24 September - and for one week only - our game HUDs will be reduced by a massive 50%. This means [...]