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Hot on the tail of the MadPea 8000 watch comes another superb group gift for our lovely Peas!This fabulous Pea in Captivity Unisex Necklace has been specially created and generously donated to us by Druidamus Rau and we are more than happy to share it with all of you. Make sure you have your MadPeas [...]


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IS Zee Yalin who gets the big $10 000L prize! Congratulations! This story kept us in suspense till the very end. Very well written, very smooth flow, excitement and great usage of the poem found on the swamp. A BIG thank you to everyone who submitted their stories, we truly had a pleasure reading them all!The Green [...]

Green Mire Writing Contest – Number 2

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The SECOND PRIZE of the writing contest and $3000L goes to: Brown Bay by Gothica Dragovaryou get to a point in life where you begin to believe you've seen all there is too see. a point where nothing feels new to you, just as mundane and unoriginal as ever before, and you dont think youll ever feel something [...]

Green Mire Writing Contest – Number 3

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The THIRD PRIZE of the writing contest and $2000L goes to:  Seeking Mama Lamil: Lost in The Green Mireby Aaliyah MunroMama Lamil pads through her weather-beaten, shack of a home on Elm, careful not to disrupt the disheveled box of dominoes on the floor by the television set. Hearing the obtrusive knocks on the front door, [...]

The Green Mire-Grand Opening!

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Hello Peas!  You're all probably wondering what MadPea has been upto, after experiencing the great big flood of Mad City."The Green Mire," has opened it's doors today.  It is a *New* build which we have been working on.  The Green Mire, will house our MadPea main-store.  You will be able to find our latest products up [...]