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  Party garland is strung in colorful swathes across the ceiling, balloons float in with curls of ribbons cascading down. Food overflows with abundance, tapas and desserts fill the party table. Dance music pulses and flows through the room and your guests are ready for the next party game but what to play... limbo feels [...]

If we could turn back time…MadPea’s Christmas past and present!

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I would like, if I may, to take you on a journey back in time, to Christmas Past.  No, no!  Not that old miser Scrooge's Christmas past, but to MadPea's own - Christmas 2016 - and all the fun things we had to do such as The Search for Santa and the MadPea Advent Calendar 2016.  [...]

This Valentine’s Day, Feel the Love from MadPea!

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Can you feel the love? We're sending lots of love to you with our Valentine's store, set up right outside the MadPea mainstore! Featuring new romantic items to celebrate the holiday and lovely gachas - including three retired sets - it's a must-visit destination for Valentine's Day. And our Valentine to you is a new group [...]

Freebie Fridays @ MadPea: November 11th!

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Starting at 5am on November 11th until 5am on November 12th at the MadPea mainstore, these Lollipop Lights will be FREE to group members! For all their delicious glory, despite those tempting flavors, we beg you! Don't lick them! They are lights, after all! Join the group; it’s free! (After the 24-hour sale, anyone – [...]