Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior Demolition Party!

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  Inca is closed for gaming, but we're going to be celebrating it closing down with games, a party and a DEMOLITION! Did you miss your chance to watch the end of Unia? Would you like an opportunity to be in on the closing of Inca? Well, now you will have your chance! Starting Saturday, [...]

Meet the prize designers – Legal Insanity

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Slogging through dark caves, humid swamps and perilous pits is a nasty business.  A Pea needs to be perfectly prepared to face every danger head-on, otherwise they will be an ex-Pea quicker than you can say Quetzalcoatl.  So to be ready for anything that the Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior throws at you, you need [...]

Meet the prize designers – Never Totally Dead

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My Great Aunt Min was a formidible woman - briskly moustached, violet scented and built like a battleship - who frightened the life out of me as a child.  She grew up in Edwardian times and would have been perfectly at home in Never Totally Dead, Silex Zapedzki and BlueSean Yiyuan's vintage furnishing and curiosity shop.  [...]

Meet the prize designers – The Skinnery

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One of the fastest ways to overhaul an avatar in SL is to change your skin, and few places enable a person to ring the changes as beautifully as The Skinnery.  Umazuma Metaluna's store offers a beautiful range of realistic and unique female skins, shapes, eyes, makeup and all kinds of appliers for bodies and [...]

Meet the Prize Designers – Kalopsia

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We adore Kalopsia and its owner, Isabeau Baragula. We really do! But we get the distinct impression that she has committed a massive misnomer. "Kalopsia," as popularized by song of the same title, is a noun meaning "a condition wherein things appear more beautiful than they are." Call us overconfident, but there is no delusion [...]

More to The Lost Treasure of The Inca Warrior than meets the eye!

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You've played The Lost Treasure of The Inca Warrior, survived to the end and found the treasure.  Now what?  Well, we're here to tell you there is plenty more that The Lost Treasure of The Inca Warrior has to offer! Photo Ops - There are lots of beautiful places, interesting hide-aways and intriguing spots to take pictures. [...]