MadPea Detective’s Diaries: The Adventure in Review

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Recently the MadPea University of Detection and Inspection had an emergency that needed our Pea's skills of solving riddles and clues.  Professor Peabody was flying in with new finds from her recent voyages.  The planes cargo door malfunctioned and spread the artifacts all over the MadPea universe. The Peas signed up for an investigative class [...]

MadPea Superfans – Bugs and Tealkie!

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In the second of a series of articles we will be exploring those dedicated creatures who give so much to make MadPea a reality worth experiencing; our Peas.  So for now we'll delve into the intriguing world of our SuperFans; Peas who stand out so brightly that no one can miss their Pea-genuity and Pea-serverance. Bugs [...]

MadPea Superfans – TayTay Denimore

By |2018-11-03T08:22:24-07:00November 3rd, 2018|

MadPea makes incredible games with twists and turns that thrill and confound. The rich story-lines, challenging puzzles and exciting adventures add a true spark to our everyday Second Lives, keeping us coming back for more, and with good reason. Even the achievement and ranking system gives an extra dash of something special to many Peas. [...]

Mini Gacha Mysteries: Captain Burbridge’s Booty

By |2018-10-01T10:24:30-07:00October 1st, 2018|

Yargh, all Peas, welcome ye to the adventuring seas of MadPea. We know ye all be pirates at heart and be sailing the briny deeps in search of swashbuckling adventures. Well, luck is with you as MadPea can spin tales of the sea so captivating, they will anchor you to the spot until the very end. [...]

Daily Rewards at MadWorld

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Hey Peas!  Today we get to talk about something pretty awesome! Daily Rewards!!! What are Daily Rewards, you ask? What do they look like?  Where can I find them?  And - most importantly - how can I get my hands on them? Well, let me just tell you about that right now! We’ve all heard [...]

Hang out at Mad World… if you dare!

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Mad World is a theme park jammed full of rides and attractions - but it's not all about the thrill.  There are also many social areas too, perfect for exploring, taking pictures or just hanging out! In its heyday, the park was beautifully planned and landscaped.  Nowadays, although sadly past its prime, there are still [...]