MadPea Christmas Advent Calendar 2018

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The response to the MadPea Christmas Advent Calendar -on sale December 1st through January 1st-has been amazing! Peas and people all over the SL-Verse have delighted in the gifts, and there are still more to come! With most Advent calendars there are only 24 days – the count down until Christmas – as the creators assume [...]

MadPea at Epiphany!!

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October is one Mad! Crazy month here at MadPea as we dig into our favorite season of the year. Yes. Halloween is a season now. With so many great things happening this month (looking at you Halloween Hunt 2018) it’s a real struggle to pick out which one we are excited about the most – [...]

If we could turn back time…MadPea’s Christmas past and present!

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I would like, if I may, to take you on a journey back in time, to Christmas Past.  No, no!  Not that old miser Scrooge's Christmas past, but to MadPea's own - Christmas 2016 - and all the fun things we had to do such as The Search for Santa and the MadPea Advent Calendar 2016.  [...]

Escape Room: The Bunker

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Welcome, and thank you for playing MadPea's Escape Room: The Bunker. You have wandered into this strange and mysterious bunker, and now you have only 30 minutes to make it out alive. To get started please click on the front door of the bunker, accept the HUD, attach it, and then click the door once [...]

Discover the 13 Reasons Why He Had to Die – Plus Retro Audio for Music Lovers!

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Starting June 18th at the new men's event Man Cave, you can dive into maddening mystery with our new gacha set 13 Reasons Why He Had to Die. Collect all the tapes and a tape player, and get ready for a scintillating, sometimes shocking story! And if you're brave enough to discover why he had [...]