MadPea Adventure Calendar – Murder on the MadPea Express

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MadPea Presents MURDER ON THE MADPEA EXPRESS  Adventure Calendar December 1st - January 6th  A horrifying murder is discovered when a long distance train MadPea Express P34 loses its power and gets stuck for the cold night in Colorado. You - the clever detective - are called in to help the Police to solve the [...]

If Halloween Thrills Are Your Thing, Check out the HALLOWRING

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We know waiting for a new game to start is the hardest part!  Well, while we are battling the goblins and ghouls who have invaded our workshop, let's detour to some delightful destinations to explore! A group of fantastic creators in support of each other and in the interest of bringing some spooky fun to [...]

MadPea Pontoon Racers @ {Now at the Mad City Store!}

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MadPea Pontoon Racers is an amazing gacha set that will turn an ordinary day into an adventure! Speed through the oceans of SL or take this amazingly amphibious racer across the shores! The only limits in SL are your imagination! With the 31 Common and 3 Rare items in this set, you can make the [...]

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a SUPER PEA!

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In our over 10 years of existence, MadPea is proud of the innovations in virtual entertainment and gaming we have crafted for the residents of the Second Life grid.  However, even more heartwarming for the MadPea Team are the lively and helpful community of Peas that have grown with us throughout the past decade. Starting [...]

MadPea’s Terrifying Tale Trail awaits…

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Hey Peas! Halloween is approaching fast and we have some amazing news for you! We just recently discovered that a world famous candy company Baaga Bay Corporation has created a viral contest for Halloween: They have released special candy that actually contains a MAP!  That's right! The kids who get all the map pieces together from [...]

The Mad Summer ’19 Fishing Tournament: Fishing Guide!

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DEAR Mad Summer '19 Fishing Tournament Fishers We warmly welcome you to the two month Summer madness of fishing, prizes, amazing locations, achievements, rewards and much more! It's time to fish for elusive fish on the grid and catch them! The more you find, the more MadPoints and prizes you'll get! The Summer Fun will [...]

Get Involved in Mad Summer ’19 Fishing Tournament

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MadPea has Gone Fishing! Mad Summer '19 Fishing Tournament is almost here! Two months will be filled with relaxing grid-wide fun in the form of searching beautiful lands for Fishing Stations and trying to catch those rare fish! This is the 10th round of our seasonal grid-wide hunts and it will run from July 15th [...]

MadPea Detective’s Diaries: The Adventure in Review

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Recently the MadPea University of Detection and Inspection had an emergency that needed our Pea's skills of solving riddles and clues.  Professor Peabody was flying in with new finds from her recent voyages.  The planes cargo door malfunctioned and spread the artifacts all over the MadPea universe. The Peas signed up for an investigative class [...]