Peatonville Gold HUD now available on Marketplace

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We've made the Gold HUD Package available to buy on Marketplace. This means that you can gift the item to a friend or use different payment methods to purchase the hud. Now there's no excuse to miss out on the horror of Peatonville...Enter at Your Own Risk! Click here to buy What you get with [...]

Peatonville Bay Photo Contest – The Winner

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We have been overwhelmed with the number of entries into the Peatonville Bay Photo Contest, especially as it was only open for such a short space of time. We gave you carte blanche to take any kind of photo as long as it was at the Bay and we had many different types of entries. I [...]

The Peatonville Asylum – How to Play

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PEATONVILLE ASYLUM INTRODUCTION Interactive & Immersive Grid-wide point & click adventure game with prizes from top designers OCTOBER 9th - NOVEMBER 30 START YOUR ADVENTURE HERE Peatonville Asylum was built on an isolated island with little contact to the outside world. Top class doctors and staff were hired to treat the most severely mentally damaged [...]

More Prizes from Peatonville Asylum Arrive!

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The stores and creators have been super busy putting together an epic collection of rewards for players of Peatonville and here's your second sneak peek at what's in store for you when you complete your journey through the madness. Peatonville Asylum starts on the 8th October for Early Access Gold Key Holders and on the [...]

Peatonville Asylum – Prizes Sneak Peek 1

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If you're wondering what HUD to purchase for the Peatonville Asylum adventure then maybe this first peek at the prizes and rewards from the participating stores and creators may help you to make up your mind. Peatonville Asylum is a hud-based grid-wide adventure game with a deep and layered storyline, puzzles, horror and intrigue. 2 [...]

Peatonville Bay Opens to the Public 2nd October at 11am slt

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You know we don't do things by half at MadPea. Our games are known for their amazing, immersive and often beautiful starting zones and Peatonville Bay is no exception. The bay and harbour, home to the Peaton Island Ferry, is stunning and houses a wonderful shopping area and glorious photogenic spots. It's perfect for photographers, [...]

A Letter to Grandpa Contest Winner Announced

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Thank you all for participating in our Writing Contest! You sure had a lot to say to Grandpa! We enjoyed reading the entries and have chosen the winner, who managed to recap the whole story of Collection and her feelings about Grandpa. Congratulations to KittyKross Bohemian! You will receive The Golden Key to the Peatonville [...]

Peatonville Gold Keys up for sale!

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The Golden Keys to The Peatonville Asylum are early access passes to the upcoming MadPea game with lots of goodies! There are only 20 available in total! They are tradeable and re-sellable and can be purchased at the Marketplace Please note that the access opens to the Golden Key owners October 8th at 12pm SLT [...]

Let your Fingers Do The Talking and Win Early Access to Peatonville

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So, you've completed The Collection, you've played with your Cursed Instruments and you've risked your life over and over with Zombie Chickens....but there's still over a week left until Peatonville Asylum opens...what to do???? WHAT TO DO???? Well, you can enter our Creative Writing Contest and attempt to secure yourself one of those highly-sought after [...]

Peatonville HUD Packages Announced

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We had really great feedback about how we set up the HUD packages for The Collection so we're using the same principles again for The Peatonville Asylum. We have listened to your feedback for the Bronze Pea and will be providing a memento Goodie Bag for all players at all levels. The Gold HUD package [...]