Room 326 Vendor Interview: DIGS

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DIGS MaskelyneWhat brought you to Second Life and how your store came into existence?I came to Second Life out of boredom, but found in it a vast and diverse community of lively and creative people. After just a few months on the grid, I eagerly began experimenting with textures and prims, and by the end [...]

Room 326 Vendor Interview: Death Row Designs

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Death Row DesignsJaimy Hancroft Please tell us a little bit about your store and your products?I started making stuff the first week I popped in SL, I couldn't find anything I wanted back  in the day and since I had some Photoshop experience I decided to make it myself , and sometimes selling some items [...]

Room 326 Vendor Interview: Sakide

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Sakide Mayako  What brought you to Second Life and got you started? I started Second Life about 6 years ago, after I was brought here by a friend who played a similar game. I made a lot of friends, owned a club, hosted for many and then, since I am a webmaster in real life, [...]

Room 326: Prize Page Review

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Room 326Prize Review  If you have not done the amazing Return of Room 326 hunt, you are missing so much with just the story and the mystery of the game. The added extra to this amazing game is the hunt prizes you get at the end. A bunch of you have wanted to see what [...]

Mad City: The Return of Room 326

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MAD CITY &THE RETURN OF ROOM 326The Story:The Silent Peacock Hotel has been recently closed for an investigation after 15 people have disappeared from their premises. What the people have in common is that they all have spent a night in Room 326.It's a mystery of how this has happened since the door has been [...]

Room 326 Hunt Gifts: Mesh Depot

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Be careful! Madpea hunts have risk of addiction!But you will love it!  From our group chat: Crea Vikinga (creaescaponita): this was my first madpea hunt...have to say never experienced anything like this!... was my first hunt i could finish...i was hookedღ Adriana ღ (adriana.jolles): Been in SL since 2008 was my first hunt I was obsessedFind here [...]

Room 326 Hunt Gifts: Collisions

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Our gamers can't wait for the  next hunt. From our group chat:Đєst (destind4u.randt): this was a good  hunt....Morbid Deceit: That was FUN!!! MadPea rocks!Pandora Nightfire (pandora.zeitlich): WoW!  That was a heck of a hunt!  Creeped me TOTALLY out! Well done!anjealah (anjealahshadow): i can't wait for the next one..They are all addicting!  LOL... anyone know whatthe [...]

Room 326 Hunt: Great Blog Post with Extra Hints

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Blogger Deoridhe Quandry has written an excellent blog post about the hunt with extra hints for the hunters: to start the hunt:

Room 326 Hunt Gifts: Just BECAUSE

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What the MadPea team makes most happy, are our gamers, who love the hunts. Kiana Writer got this I m today she got the permission to publish:ɕɑʆʆιҽ ρҽȡгσȿɑ (callielatham): I don't wanna bug ya, just wanted to tell you that this hunt was the best night me and my friends have had in a long [...]

Room 326 Hunt Gifts: Carrie’s Lingerie

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The fun part of Madpea hunts ist that it is not just about finding objects. From our group chat:Skullsic: i dont understand what to do at the endClicquot Oh: depends on what you mean by "end"Clicquot Oh: when you find all 15 letters.. you are not doneSkullsic: o okClicquot Oh: follow the directions.Skullsic: ohhhhhhhClicquot Oh: [...]