Praying Mary Hunt Gifts: Love Zombie

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Less than 24 hours left to join one of our most successful hunts ever: The Case of Praying Mary. Could you do something better on a November Sunday than solving the lost souls. I case you stuck, you can get help in our inworld group. One of the more than 2.000 players will give you [...]

Praying Mary Hunt Gifts: WarBug

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ONLY 40 HOURS left to finish the hunt! It is still enough time. Come and use the chance to save those poor lost souls to be greatly rewarded. See here the the 2nd last one hunt prize. Today we talk to Arduenn Schwartzman, owner of WarBug, which is known for the great WarBug airplanes and [...]

Praying Mary Hunt Gifts: Southpaw

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STILL 5 DAYS  TO FINISH THE HUNT!Come and do not miss our most successful mini hunt ever. The gamers are loving it.See here more hunt prizes! Today we talk to Phedre Rossini, owner of Southpaw:Phedre Rossini: "I make an eclectic range of jewelry & accessories, Spell Fire Wands & Weapons, and other role-play accouterments. I do pay [...]

Praying Mary Hunt Gifts: Finlandia

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From our group chat:Julia (julia.warwillow): I was sad when I got to the end of that hunt. I wanted it to continue!! It was so well done and planned!As to the hunt prizes we have something special for you today. The presented place is not a shop, but a nice sim to explore. We talk [...]

Praying Mary Hunt: Impish

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Awwwhh, another great blog post at FabFree about the hunt: Thank you Kyle Beckett!See here more great gifts! Today we talk to Nix Marabana, owner of Impish:Nix Marabana: Well, Impish is what I started when I realized that I spent way too much time making things that I couldn't sell in my other store, kisetsu (I [...]

Praying Mary Hunt Gifts: Senzafine

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Our Peas love the hunt. From our group chat:Trahma Pandion (trahma): wow, that was fun... it was Fantastic! Best hunt I have been on in a long Time!Malko Rosca: I just finished the hunt, it was great fun, thanks to all the owner of the 15 places and the organisersadeleroseleee: I soooooooooo can't wait for the next [...]

Praying Mary Hunt Gifts: Chaos, Panic & Disorder

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It really makes us happy that the hunt finds so much attention. Blogger DevinVaughn Resident listed the Praying Mary Hunt as one of the Horror-Hot-Spots: Fashion + Freebies for Men. Thank you, Devin!As teaser for Halloween Tutsy Navarathna made a funny video. The Praying Mary Hunt is one of the filming locations. Enjoy:Wanna see more hunt [...]

Praying Mary Hunt Gifts: Michigans Shack

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The hunters are giving us so much positive feed back. From our group chat:Morsmordre Furman: "o.o can I just say this is the best 10L I ever spent?? Any chance someone can tell me if we find out what happens to Lucas with the whole first one down thing? *dies of curiosity and shakes her HUD [...]

Praying Mary Hunt Gifts: ALH

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WOW! More than 1.000 players already and more are to come! The Praying Mary Hunt is unexpected successful which caused some script bugs. Luckily they are solved now. If you could not click a cross or gift at the end, please come back and do now.See here the second blog post in the brilliant FabFree blog: see [...]

Praying Mary Hunt Gifts: Death Row Design

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Read here another great blog post about the Praying Mary Hunt with some shot of the hunting locations in German: of course we reveal another great hunt Prize. Today we talk to Jaimy Hancroft, owner of Death Row Design:Jaimy Hancroft:  "Well i've allways loved making fun stuff for second life :) specially bloody gorey items, [...]