MadPea Mid Month Madness!

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 ☞ WHAT'S HOT NOW! Green Mire SimThe Green Mire houses our MadPea main-store with brand new items and gacha!However.. it wouldn't be just MadPea to have a location without a good mystery!This location has a story to tell and much for you to try and figure out on your own. 10 years ago, young boys Tony [...]

Flickr Pic of the Week

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For some time we've been choosing a photo from our Flickr Pool as a Flickr Pic of the Day. From today we're changing to a Flickr Pic of the Week and each week one pic will be chosen based on a theme. The Flickr Pic of the Week will be announced on Saturday mornings, The first one [...]


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We're at the halfway point in the Green Mire II, The Gathering hunt and literally thousands of hunters have already enjoyed the hunt following either the Journalist or Believer trails...and often both! We don't need an excuse to party at MadPea but this seemed like too good a reason NOT to celebrate. Head over to the Swamp [...]

The Green Mire II/The Gathering-Prize Preview II

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Now if you choose to follow the second, it is a different path, different story.  These are the prizes you will receive.  So you have TWO hunts, TWO paths to choose from with very cool items to obtain after!  Or you can do both as well, the choice is yours!Good Luck and we hope you [...]

The Green Mire II/The Gathering-Prize Preview

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Presenting the First Path Stores and the 15 cool prizes you will receive upon completing the Green Mire/The Gathering.  But wait...there is another path for you to take!  With 15 other cool prizes.  Each story will lead you to a different turn of events and give you different prizes.  Below are the gifts you will [...]

The Green Mire Hunt II/ The Gathering-Participating Vendors II

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Next month, you will be able to play another of MadPea's adventures as mentioned yesterday.  Each one of the 30 vendors will have a special prize to offer.  We shared the first group of vendors with you and here goes the final 15, who will be participating in our upcoming Green Mire Hunt II/ The Gathering. [...]

The Green Mire Hunt II/ The Gathering-Participating Vendors I

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Are you Ready?! Well we hope you are, because in September MadPea has something special for all of you. A sequel to the Mystery you have been asking us about. Thank you to all the vendors who submitted their applications and who wanted to be a part of this. The Gathering/Green Mire II will include 30 incredible [...]