Goliathus Exposed?

By |2017-03-14T19:41:19-07:00November 13th, 2016|

News is just reaching us that police today raided what they believe to be the current Headquarters of the secretive Goliathus Society.  Around 20 members of the MadPea City Law Enforcement Office and Sheriff's Department raided a secluded manor on the outskirts of the city, and reports are coming in of officers storming each room at [...]

Meet the prize designers: Sway’s

By |2017-03-14T19:41:27-07:00August 29th, 2016|

Sometimes a store makes you feel like a child again, piggy-bank clenched in a grubby little fist, wide-eyed and full of excitement at the prospective shopping adventure.  That's a bit like it feels when entering Sway's, the fabulous furnishing and accessory shop for "home, hobby and more".  The creative genius behind this excitement is Sway Dench, who [...]

Meet The Interview prize designers: Spellbound

By |2017-03-14T19:41:27-07:00August 28th, 2016|

Yes, it's time to turn the spotlight on our lovely prize designers and this time it's Spellbound.  If you are looking for enchanting hair of the cute and witchy variety, it's totally worth checking out.  But don't get me wrong, you won't find any newt's eyes or bat's tongues in these creations.  This is NOT hair for [...]

Meet the Interview prize designers: Balaclava!!

By |2017-03-14T19:41:28-07:00August 28th, 2016|

I love a good spree.  You know those occasions where you have a bit of time and a few lindens and absolutely nothing better to do than indulge yourself?  Just like avocados, lazy Sunday brunches and Kylie Minogue, you don't HAVE to have them in your life, but they make the world a little bit [...]

Meet The Interview prize designer: Frayed Knot.

By |2017-03-14T19:41:28-07:00August 23rd, 2016|

  At the end of your rope? Feeling the hangman's noose of frantic shopping tightening around your neck? You look and look and LOOK and STILL can't find that special certain something that you need in your Second life? Have no fear...Frayed Knot is here! The pixel sky is the limit on what you'll find [...]

Meet The Interview prize designers: Plastik

By |2017-03-14T19:41:29-07:00August 18th, 2016|

What do you get if you take a Second Life store, add two drops of Alice in Wonderland, mix it with a pinch of Lord of the Rings, stir in a splash of Avatar and dust the whole lot with a generous sprinkle of Willow?  Why, you get Plastik! Plastik owner Vae (Aikea Reiko) has created a verdant fantasy land around [...]