Last Words from Lost Mine Hunters

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Okay, maybe this isn't anyone's last words, but it's always such fun to hear feedback from people who have been through a similar experience. This is especially true with others who have done the Lost Mine hunt.Some people (those hardcore hunters who chose not to use clue finder!) think the hunt is a good challenge; [...]

The Unique Lost Mine Hunters

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by Honey VesuvinoMy job as a MadPea staff member is to help people. I (try!) to answer questions, provide hints, and give links to useful information. In this capacity, I am most often in Mad City Park or in the lost mines so I can show people where to purchase the hunt huds, get their [...]

Fastest Finishers of The Lost Mine Hunt

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Aaaannnddd . . . they’re off! Roxie Harbour takes the early lead but Nic Roxan is close on her heels. Up the side comes Emma Dianthus. These Peas are really hunting fast! Nic Roxan makes a move for the lead but Roxie Harbour shuts him down. Emma Dianthus gets in front of Nic Roxan but he [...]

The Lost Mine Hunt – How to Play

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Click here to begin the AdventureIntroduction:  Childhood bedtime stories, we all had them and enjoyed them. They were meant as a way to whisk us off to some magical realm that soothed us and let us sleep soundly.A local scientist, known to some as a mad scientist but known to all as Madrigal Peabody, is [...]


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Guys, this is it. The very last edition of the Lost Mine Preview...that means that the game finally launches tomorrow, April 1st at 12PM SLT at Mad City!All the Pea crew will be in attendance, as will the fabulous DJ Kess, who'll be spinning tunes to kick off the first two hours of hunting.It's been [...]

The Lost Mine Preview Day 7: Our Final Two Vendors and Looking Ahead!

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Hey guys!Well, this is it! We're down to the final two vendor reveals for The Lost Mine! Tomorrow we'll be bringing you a special look behind the scenes at some of the perils and pitfalls you can expect to encounter before you can claim your prizes, but first - let's get cracking with today's reveals!Abranimations, [...]

The Lost Mine Preview Day 6: PANIC!

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Do my ElderPea eyes deceive me, or are we already on day six of the Lost Mine Preview? I do believe we are! That means we're about 72 hours away from MadPea's first game of the year! Make sure you stay tuned to our Facebook page and to notices inworld - little snippets and sneak [...]

The Lost Mine Preview Day 5: Plot Twist!

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Are we really on Day 5 of these previews already?! It feels like we've barely scratched the surface of what you can expect to see when we open the doors on April 1st. Some more story details are coming - including a little twist! - but not until we've introduced the next 3 sponsors!Alouette, run [...]

The Lost Mine Preview Day 3: Peabody?!

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Hello little Peas!The plot thickens today as we reveal the next Lost Mine story teaser...just who is this guy and what did he do?! All will be revealed in due course! For now, here're today's new vendors!Potpourri Designs is the creation of Alexandralara Resident. Running since 2011, they specialise in decor and builds to make [...]