Perfumed Cutlass Hunt Gifts: Arkenstone

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WOOOOOOOT!!!!!Last 24 hous of the Perfumed Cutlass Hunt are running. Come quick and finish the 15 destinations. If you need help beyond te hints in the HUD, Please join the MadPea group! Alone the great gifts are worth to have hunting fun. Find them in this blog. Today Ivy Paderborn, Owner of Arkenstone presents the hunt [...]

Perfumed Cutlass Hunt Gifts: CoLLisions

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About 30 hours left to do the hunt! So many great gifts and so much hunting fun cannot be missed!Guenevere DeCuir presents her shop coLLisions:Guenevere DeCuir: CoLLisions offersTattoos & Jewelry for men and women. Often the pieces have a rich, deep meaning... but some are just meant to be fun with either some reference to [...]

Perfumed Cutlass Hunt Gifts: The Elegant Goth

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Countdown is running! Use this weekend to finish the 15 destinations of the Perfumed Cutlass Hunt! And find here the great prize of The Elegant Goth, owned by Deja Letov:Deja Letov: "The Elegant Goth caters to the goth community for their needs of elegant and beautiful gothic furniture, roleplay tools, cemetery decor and of course lots [...]

Perfumed Cutlass Hunt Gifts: Chicbuildings

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Countdown is runnuig! 48 hours left to finish the hunt! See what Chic Aeon, owner of Chicbuildings has made as gift for you:Chic Aeon: My most popular shop items are surrounds from 32 meters square to full sim size. From these and my itch to build now and then have come other products including a [...]

Perfumed Cutlass Hunt Gifts: United InshCon Shop

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Use the last 2 1/2 days of the hunt to cover all 15 destinations and get the prizes finally! Eldowyn Inshan presents here the gift of United InshCon Shop:Eldowyn Inshan: "Our shop exists since 2009. We are 3 builders, Eldowyn Inshan, Poco Seetan and Men Dinzel.Each has their own style  on building and creating. The [...]

Perfumed Cutlass Hunt Gift: Co Motion

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Kitty Lee Moyer, owner of Co Motion was looking forward to the hunt herself.:  "I'm a wee bit of a hunt addict. *looks at size of petite self* Erm, no pun intended." Kitty Lee Moyer: "My business partner and I make poses. I focus on poses for Petite avatars and Lindsay focuses on poses for the regular [...]

Perfumed Cutlass Hunt Gifts: Wicked Sin

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The hunt finds attention in the blogs: See here  and here So many great gifts. And here you see more: Today we talk to Yuna Khaos, owner of Wicked Sin:Yuna: "Well my products are all clothes and I usually make nothing I wouldn't wear myself. I have done a few items by request that are not [...]

Perfumed Cutlass Hunt Gifts: BRAT[ink]

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Curious on more gifts? Today we present Azure Black, owner of BRAT[ink]:"Hi , I'm a new skin (sl) designer i have been looking around in sl for a while now and been gathering my do and don't likes and made a skin just the way i would want it to be with lots of details. In [...]

Perfumed Cutlass Hunt Gifts: Just Because

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The Hunt has already many players and finds attention in the blogs, because of the great gifts. Today we talk to Annie Meson, she owns together with Terk Sak *Just BECAUSE*:Annie Melson: "My store*Just BECAUSE* is a true labor of love. Love for my family and love for creating. It all started because of cancer. [...]

Perfumed Cutlass Hunt Gifts: Ravensong

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So many great gifts in the Perfumed Cutlass Hunt! Today we present Ravensong:"Hi there readers, I am Raven and I make SL Props. I make the props that YOU may need for your builds. --in the form of FULL PERM BUILDERS TOOLSSculpts / Textures / Animations / Scripts / Particles.The telephone, the cabinet, the grotto, [...]