Mini Gacha Mysteries: Y2K

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Peas in the zone will poke every item, search under each bed or doorway, and even climb to the tops of trees or buildings; ultimately leaving no corner unexplored. It is this curious and focused determination that drives Peas to the adventures that MadPea is so adept in providing. In this series of articles reintroducing [...]

No REST for the Wicked – Only the Mad!

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There may be no REST for the wicked, but there sure is for the Mad! MadPea, that is. This month our Premium Members are enjoying an exclusive grid-wide hunt experience showcasing some of the hottest designers in Second Life as well as some highly notable up and comers. Everyone knows how we love our hunts [...]


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DEAR MONSTER HUNTERS We warmly welcome you to the two week Halloween madness of hidden Monsters, prizes, amazing locations, achievements, rewards and much more! The monstrous mayhem runs from October 20th till November 3rd 2018. START HERE You will need a HUD to play Teleport to the GAME START and purchase the HUD to get started. We have [...]

Cutest ExPEAdition ever!!

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So last weekend we were all crazily rescuing puppies for the newest - and cutest! - MadPea ExPEAdition.  Did you pop along to help out?  We certainly were inundated with Peas, making this the most popular ExPEAdition to date. We were especially keen to support our hosts this time around, because *they* support a wonderful [...]

A Tale of Two Sisters at Epiphany – Chapter Four

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     The stars moved for them making stairways and walkways. They traveled the sisters across the sky and they loved it in all its endless majesty. They loved the stars. Of course the stars now only held jealousy and hatred in their hearts for the sisters as they lead them to their bleak fates. [...]

A Tale of Two Sisters at Epiphany – Chapter 3

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     However, no love existed for them greater than that of the Earth itself. Mother Earth loved her daughters deeper than any ocean and higher than any mountain. Pride rose in every act of love and kindness her daughters gave to mankind as they spread their magic across the world. One evening as the [...]

Deco(c)rate Designer of the Month: Sources

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For the second installment of our Deco(c)rate Designer of the Month ‘twofer’ special we get to step into the beautiful dream world of Vincent Priesley of Sources. For those of you who haven’t yet taken a good half hour (or more) to visit his shop, I highly recommend it. From the very first moment I [...]

Mad Easter Egg Hunt Guide for Hunters 2018

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  - START LOCATION -  Dear Egg Hunter, We warmly welcome you to the annual two week mad eggstravaganza with hidden eggs, prizes, amazing locations, achievements, rewards and much more!  The madness runs from 22nd of March until midnight of 5th of April, 2018.HOW TO GET STARTED You need a HUD to play. Teleport to the Mad Easter Egg [...]