Once again it’s that time of year where we gather around a log of burning wood, tell stories about Krampus eating naughty children, and pour liquor in and on everything (even cake) and call it festive. All of this can only mean one thing – MadPea’s Annual Magical Christmas Hunt for Enchanted Toys! Search the grid far and wide to find all the lost toys and unlock prizes along the way. This year MadPea has teamed up with ten amazing designers who have brought you their own holiday themed prizes. We have Noctis, Krescendo, Senses, Varonis, Serenity Style, Chez Moi, Madras, Convair, Schultz Bros. and Gabriel.

Noctis is known for its quirky designs and excellent quality of craftsmanship. This year Noctis has made us an antique side table filled with presents for the holidays. It’s the perfect piece to help spread that holiday spirit. Keep up with all the amazing products of Noctis by following their Flickr.

Krescendo is a well known power house of design in Second Life and can be found participating in any number of events around the grid. Check out their Flickr to learn more about their amazing products and don’t forget to stop by and join their group for all those fantastic group gifts! This year they made us a festive Santa Mail board full of rustic charm and elegance with it’s gold accents and scrolling calligraphy on the cards displayed. It is sure to add charm to any corner of your home.

Senses  is a pose shop that specializes in poses that capture the little moments of life that make it so special. Taking a selfie with your partner in crime, goofing off with your friends or locked in something more intimate, Senses is able to capture the whole of the moment so we are able to bring it to life ourselves. Take a look at their Flickr to find out more about their fantastic poses. For their hunt prize they made a precious pose of two good friends sharing a candy cane, cocoa and a cuddle – what more could you possibly need?

Varonis  is a creator of quality fashion and home goods with just a bit of a dark edge to them. Their scenic skyboxes are the perfect backdrop for any story or photo. Their Flickr will keep you up to date on all their latest products. Their prize for the hunt is a homage paid to the Hygge revolution. The perfect compliment for a cozy chilly day with a blanket draped on a ladder and plenty of firewood to keep nice and toasty through the season.

Serenity Style is a purveyor of effortless style. A stroll through her store will delight and inspire as there is always something perfect for any occasion or décor. Browse her Flickr to learn more about her lovely products. Her prize for the Christmas Hunt is an ornament topiary with oversized Christmas balls that will add charm and elegance wherever it stands.

Chez Moi  is another store known for their elegant styles and excellent craftsmanship. Whatever you are looking for Chez Moi will have something that suits your needs. Check out her website to find out more about all of her fantastic items. For this years prize she has made a set of two reindeer tealight holders from twisted wire, a beautiful little bauble that will shine wherever it is placed.

Madras is known for creating beautiful items inspired by people and cultures and happiness from the East. His store is a treasure trove to be explored and you can learn all about it through his Flickr. His prize for the hunt is a delicious looking holiday Christmas pudding studded with maltesers, perfect for any holiday table!

Convair is a lover and designer to fine architecture. All of his buildings are beautifully detailed embody various themes and styles throughout history. His Flickr will keep you up to date with all of his designs. The prize for the hunt his year is something every winter house needs, a set of frozen icicles to hang from any roof, window or doorway and set the scene for a true winter chill.

Schultz Bros. is another store known primarily for it’s amazing buildings and prefabs. Several happy hours can be spent wandering through the many buildings at his store and several more can be spent browsing the photos of his items on his Flickr. His prize this year is a delightful Snowman riding along on a sled and piled up with snowballs, a piece that will brighten up any outdoor set or scene!

Gabriel is well known throughout Second Life for their edgy and sleek clothing designs for men and women. They are the top of many fashionistas list and offer a diverse range of clothing. Their Flickr  is a glossy magazine of fashion goodness. Their prize for the hunt is an amazing Santa themed fur hoodie that looks as soft as it is stylish and festive!

We love collaborating with different designers and being able to share the experience of MadPea with so many people and through so many different venues. Take some time to check out our Collaborators for the Magical Christmas Hunt for Enchanted Toys in between rounding up all those pesky runaway toys so we can keep unlocking all those fantastic prizes! Happy Hunting!