Ladies and Gentlemen,

You’re all warmly welcome to Mad World, a brand new and exciting theme park in Second Life!


Mad World is here!

Mad World is the latest creation of MadPea Productions, showcasing their recent work and giving the Peas lots of fun stuff to do! It’s always October and Halloween at Mad World!

The park is a constant work in progress with unbuilt areas or constructions sites. MadPea will be releasing new content to Mad World monthly based purely on the activity of Peas! Peas will get to solve tasks that require collaborative effort in order to unlock new content! New tasks and content will be regularly communicated in the MadPeas’ in-world group chat and notices.

Mad World theme park will be one of the biggest and most interactive ‘playgrounds’ in Second Life. It will heavily rely on the MadPea Achievements System.

The higher your Pea Rank, the more you will gain = cheaper prices and exclusive access to games

Most activities and all rides at Mad World are FREE, however for booth games and activities where you can win Achievements and Prizes they will cost MadPoints.  MadPoints HUD will attach to you automatically when you are exploring Mad World. This is a temporary attachment and will be updated soon once we release our MadPad concept. Please note: When you cross a sim the MadPoints HUD will go to 0 briefly but will search for your points within a few seconds again.

MadPoints can be purchased with Linden Dollars from these MadPoint Dispensers. Please note: There is no refund for MadPoints purchased.

The activities that cost MadPoints are listed below and new content will be coming monthly! All prizes are 100% exclusive items created by MadPea Design Team and transferable (no copy), so they can be sold, gifted or given away.

Killeh Kitteh Maze

Can you find your way out of this gigantic maze? The numerous traps and killer mice will make it more difficult! Get through to earn achievements and an exclusive prize!

Evil Dentist

Shoot all the teeth out to win a random exclusive prize! Cost 100 MadPoints to all levels.

Lucky Wheel

Spin the wheel to earn achievements and exclusive prizes. Cost 200 MadPoints to all levels.

Mad World will have content exclusive to certain Pea Levels 

The Wheel of Happiness is for Peas who are HapPea (level 3) or above


The Electric Wheel is for Peas who are ZapPea (level 5) or above


Come and enjoy the different lands of Mad World! It spans over two islands and is divided into three special areas: Fun Land with its fun rides like Road Rage and Ferris Wheel, games and attractions, Dream Land where you can enjoy the wonders and take gorgeous photos and Adventure Land with scarier experiences, rides and unforgettable adventures

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