Cooking up a storm for Food Fair!

Don’t you just love food?  Whether it’s cooking it or eating it or both, it’s easily my biggest vice and most reliable pleasure.  It’s also the best pleasure to share, so why not join us at the mouthwatering MadPea International Food Fair which runs from 18th February to 4th March?  The Fair will be based at Mad City and an adjoining sim which we are currently busy preparing now, and there will be all sorts of goodies waiting for you to taste!

But it’s not all about stuffing our own faces.  Together with SL resident Brique Topaz from the fantastic Feed A Smile organisation, MadPea is aiming to raise almost 9.9 million $L to build a kitchen for schoolchildren in Kenya.

I had the chance to ask Queen Pea Kiana Writer why this was so important.  “I feel like we often forget how privileged we are and we should all take the moment to think about how lucky we truly are and help those less fortunate ones,” she told me.  “The meal these Kenyan kids get at school – thanks to Feed A Smile – is typically the only meal of the day they get.  They’re beautiful and smart kids with a whole future ahead of them. People from all over the world, coming together in a virtual world to enjoy food, can help them to build a real kitchen where they will get their meals and be able to flourish.”

So what’s on offer at the Food Fair?  Well to start with, there will be a full programme of entertainment including live musicians and DJs running throughout the event.  Our friends from Kultivate magazine will be running a food-related art exhibition, including larger sculpture pieces around the city (licking the food sculptures will be frowned upon!).

But most importantly, there will be shopping heaven!  Over 50 delicious designers clamouring to bring you a scrumptious feast of food and food-related items to get your juices flowing!  The Food Fair is being coordinated by our very own Kestrel Keiroz, who had this to say about the designers who will be participating.  “I’m so excited about our designer list!  We wanted to celebrate good food and a great cause, so the response has been fantastic.  I know I personally have a massive weakness for pixel food and this is celebrating consumables without the calories!  Its amazing to have so many people willing to use a virtual world to help make a difference in the real one, so everybody who is a part of this is a real rock star to me.”

So why not come down and tuck in?

Last but by no means least we have a wonderful bunch of sponsors, without whom this would not be possible.  Without giving too much away just yet, they come from all walks of SL, including breeders, retailers, land agencies, and other events.  I asked the sponsor coordinator, Chuisle Alecto, more about her efforts.  “We have been fortunate to attract some big names and I’m really excited to work with them,” she enthused, “we have offered two types of sponsor package and the result has been great”.  I also asked Chu how the sponsors feel about working with this amazing charity? “Very positive!” she said “I’ve heard from many of them that they love this sort of event in Second Life and an opportunity to do real good in a virtual world. They seem genuinely excited to be on board. I have one sponsor working especially hard to brainstorm ways she can creatively promote the event to bring every last Linden to the kids, to paraphrase her!”

Chu will be releasing more details nearer the time, but we would love to say a big THANK YOU to our sponsors, both for their participation and for helping us to take a big ‘bite’ out of our donation goal (to use Chu’s food pun)!

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  1. Brique Topaz February 5, 2017 at 12:41 pm

    This is so exciting! And to top it off – we have a singer / musician lineup of some of Second Life’s Crème de la Crème. You won’t want to miss a single one of them!

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