So last weekend we were all crazily rescuing puppies for the newest – and cutest! – MadPea ExPEAdition.  Did you pop along to help out?  We certainly were inundated with Peas, making this the most popular ExPEAdition to date.

We were especially keen to support our hosts this time around, because *they* support a wonderful real life dog rescue organisation, so the event was very close to people’s hearts.  But how did we do?  And how did they do?  And what on earth is an ExPEAdition?!  Read on for all the answers…

We rescued the hell out of those puppies!

Our MadPea ExPEAditions are a series of wildly popular stand-alone events, entirely free and run over 48 hours, that we run roughly every 6 weeks.  Each event tends to be themed and designed to introduce new, beautiful sims to Peas who might otherwise never find them.  Our hosts generously allow us to create an event on their land, and then let all our Peas in to go crazy!  Whilst some of our past ExPEAdition hosts have been simply brilliant and creative land owners – Tagus and Rose Garden spring straight to mind – this weekend’s hosts were even more special.

Skull Creek is the home of the Ghost Bullys 1% Motorcycle Club.  Sim owner Racey and her friends work tirelessly to raise funds for the real life organisation Rally to Rescue, which is a non-profit animal welfare group.  And in Racey’s own words, she said “Myself and the GBMC members wanted to thank you and the MadPea crew from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us in our efforts to save these animals. For 4 years now we have had numerous events raising awareness and donations and none have done what you guys have done in only 48 hours.”

The stunning Skull Creek sim was a riot of autumn colours

There is no denying that this was easily our most popular ExPEAdition yet.  Nearly 850 Peas started the ExPEAdition, and Racey reported over 1000 new visitors to Skull Creek.  Owing to the overwhelming popularity of this event (yes, even we were surprised!), there were a few initial issues with sim capacity and lag, but this soon settled down and everyone agreed it was worth the wait.

So what was it like hosting this ExPEAdition?  Racey told me that she thought the set up was “Amazing!  This is the first fund raiser where I didn’t have a thing to do!”  It’s clear that the Rally To Rescue group is hugely important to the Ghost Bullys.  “We’re so happy to have you here, this will bring huge awareness to what we do!”  And whilst our ExPEAditions are free events, many generous Peas contributed to the donation jars scattered around the sim, which was very gratefully received by Racey and her group.  She told us “Getting people aware of what we do is half the battle and we cannot thank you enough for giving us the opportunity to have the cutest ExPEAdition for our cause.” If you would like to make a donation to Rally To Rescue, get involved with events, or simply have a question about this wonderful cause, please contact Racey (raceyy Resident) in-world.

Everything you need – just add a puppy!

All the Peas who successfully managed to rescue 10 naughty puppies were rewarded with 100 Achievement Points and a fabulous Puppy Care Kit as a prize, which included a puppy bed, toys, feeding bowls and all the accessories you could ever need to care for your pooch.  For those who missed the event – or simply want to buy or gift a Puppy Care Kit – this is now on sale in out main store at Mad City.

And don’t forget to watch this space for details of our next ExPEAdition!