Deco(c)rate April – Whatever the weather!

April’s Deco(c)rate will have the theme “Whatever the weather”.  Now I’m English and, as everyone knows, we LOVE talking about our eccentric weather. But in nearly any part of the globe April is a month of change, heralding the transition from cold, wet winter to mild and balmy Spring in the northern hemisphere. Even our southern hemisphere friends (hello down there!) experience change in April, but for them it’s the onset of autumn. So make sure that you are prepared for anything!

Get a fresh new look for the changing season!

In both hemispheres, April can be relatively chilly and wet. For lots of us Europeans, that is due to strong winds and rain coming in from the Atlantic in unpredictable bursts. Whilst there is a silver lining to those rainclouds – the old proverb telling us that “March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers” – we are best advised to stay out of the downpour!

April’s Deco(c)rate allows our 15 hand-picked designers a choice in how they interpret this theme. Will they offer us furnishings, décor or builds to help us stay dry this month? Practical options could include umbrella stands or handy coat racks for our soggy outerwear. Sturdy outdoor shelters or porches could help deter the worst of the weather whilst still allowing us outside on warmer days. Or we could just succumb to the last (or first) roar of winter with snuggly sofas or cuddly chairs from which to sit and sip hot chocolate whilst we wait for the weather to settle.

Grab some garden time!

Wonderfully, April days can also be full of sunshine, although without the heat of full summer. Balmy April days make us want to rush outside and make the most of our gardens and parks. In spring, flowers and plants begin to bud and blossom and for autumnal April, it’s time to enjoy the last of the summer’s glory. We are often inspired to throw open doors and windows and have a good old-fashioned clean out, scrubbing our houses until they sparkle.

So will our Deco(c)rate designers bring the sunshine with them this month? Those bright April days may be a little cool, but the bright and cheerful sunlight can cheer the grumpiest soul. Will we be inspired by gorgeous garden sets this month? Will our designers inspire us to overhaul our homes with bright and fresh designs? We all know florals don’t have to be girly, so can we expect sunny soft furnishings such as rugs and bedding with which we can ring the seasonal changes? I can’t wait to find out!

Bright tones and floral accents always cheer a room!

Sounds exciting? We think so! Pop down to the Deco HQ at main store to order your crate for April. You will receive 15 beautiful semi-exclusive original mesh items for the bargain price of $L1,500 if you order before the box is delivered at midday SLT on 8 April 2018. After that, the crate costs $L3,000 – so don’t forget!

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