Deco(c)rate Spring 2021 Special Edition 

MadPea is excited to present

The Spring 2021 Special Edition of Deco(c)rate!

Very much like a mystery box or lootbox, the Deco(c)rate is a collection of 15 exclusive

 original home and garden items from 15 incredible creators.

You can preorder this amazing crate 

 From February 15th to March 14th for the pre-sale price of $1500L

After release, the crate will be for sale at the full price of $3000L

Deco(c)rate Spring 2021 Special Edition delivers from March 15th

and the sales of the Crate end April 15th

Please Note:

You will be able to unpack your Deco(c)rate until July 15th, 2021.

After that date, the crate will no longer deliver the items.

So remember to get all the amazing items out and saved!

Get Your Spring 2021 Deco(c)rate Now