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Welcome to another round of Deco(c)rate: Unboxed, the monthly feature on one of our fabulous Deco(c)rate designers that shines a spotlight onto their work and the talented people behind the brand. If that isn’t enough, we will also give you a sneaky peek at their wonderful creation for this coming round of Deco(c)rate.

This month I am delighted to sit down with designer Sheerpetal Roussel, the creative genius behind DaD Design (Domus Aurea Design). Through DaD Design, Sheerpetal brings a range of buildings, furniture and landscaping that fits right in with the style and glamour of our up coming crate theme, Champagne Wishes.

We are proud to have Sheerpetal Roussel from DaD Design join this month’s Deco(c)rate!

I started by asking Sheerpetal how long she had been a citizen of Second Life and how she caught the designing bug. She told me “I came to SL 10 years ago out of curiosity, but I instantly became passionate about this world. Almost immediately I started to ‘play with prims’, they seemed like LEGO bricks!” In real life I am a lawyer specialising in industrial law and intellectual property, but about 3 years ago I took a break to study mesh seriously and I came back to Second Life about 2 years ago.”

Sheerpetal and I talked about her designing inspirations and what a day in her virtual life looks like. A native of Italy and fluent in French and English, she takes her inspiration from all around us and other countries. “I read a monthly magazine named Architectural Design, but I like to buy the American, Italian, Russian and French versions. It is great to compare styles in different countries and imagine a society and how people live in different cultures.”

The Soho Console illustrates Sheerpetal’s elegant and contemporary style

Of her daily design routine she said “When I create a new product I spend very little time in SL. I work a lot at the beginning to be sure to reproduce the correct proportions. People need to actually use a house I build, not just use it as a background!”

Sheerpetal’s skills are on full display at the DaD main store on her Saint Florent sim. Everything is green and fresh with a laid-back, tropical feel – a welcome relief in the wet and chilly weather of winter. Walking around the spacious store on the DaD sim, I could see that a lot of Sheerpetal’s work is minimal, contemporary and there are some pieces with a modern twist, others with a vintage feel, but all beautifully crafted and unique. The store itself is bright, airy and free-flowing, with plenty of space to take in the items for sale and try them out.

DaD DESIGN – Country Dining Set

I was delighted to receive a preview of Sheerpetal’s beautiful creation for our ‘Champagne Wishes’ round of Deco(c)rate, a luxurious vintage rotary phone and table. “When I decide what to build I rely on sensations and when I saw the mood board I felt like I was in an old movie with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers! I created the phone as if it were something from the 1930s or ’40s – like old Hollywood Style – and the pearls reminded me of classic designs by Coco Chanel. I am usually very traditional in my way of selling (for example I have very few gacha) but I was intrigued by the Deco(c)rate concept. I think we need to be surprised every day and with the mystery boxes we can do it. I talked with Queen Pea Kiana and she invited me and I was very happy to be invited to join this round!”

DaD’s gorgeous rotary phone with table – available in the January Deco(c)rate

DaD Design will join 14 other fabulous Second Life designers for January’s ‘Champagne Wishes’ themed Deco(c)rate, due for release at midday SLT on 8 January 2018.  You can purchase your Deco(c)rate at the reduced price of $L1,500 right up until 11.59am on that date – but don’t leave it too long because after that time the full price of $L3,000 applies!  Simply visit the Deco(c)rate HQ at the MadPea sim in Mad City and purchase from the vendor – and we hope all your Champagne Wishes come true!


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