It’s no secret that one of the most appealing aspects of our mega grid-wide hunts is all the amazing sims we get to discover along the way. Second Life is home to some amazing people who create amazing places and are more than happy to share their space with the rest of our virtual world. As a writer for MadPea I have the double pleasure of not only discovering new places but also bringing a few to the limelight via our blog!

Today I spent a few awesome hours exploring United Souls Motorcycle Club at Dragons Harbor, and when I say I spent a few hours exploring I mean I spent a few hours exploring! From the beautiful southwestern landscape at ground level to all the many, many little nooks and crannies tucked away throughout the sim, I’m sure I didn’t even see all there was to offer.

There is so much to see here, and not only that but there is a driving and/or race track that takes you up more than 1600 meters in the sky and filled with level after level of beautiful scenery. It’s been a long time since I have been so delighted by sim and had so much to uncover and find. As you enter the track at the ground level there themed levels, little cities, cafe’s buildings, a few private homes, parks, campgrounds, ponds, lakes and on and on and on.

I got lost and lost track of what I’d seen and hadn’t.  I honestly can’t wait to grab some friends and bring them here to see who can make it to the top first, or even just get lost trying. I had a few moments to ask the sim owner Christopher Casti a few questions and he admitted that this was the first time he’s ever participated in a MadPea event, however “We have really enjoyed all that have come to our sim…meeting new folks…and the love of fishing.”, like all of us he loves the excuse to explore new sims and meet new people.

With sims like this hidden away it makes me wonder what else is out there that we are missing out on. A big thanks to Christopher for making an effort to put his fantastic sim in our fishing tournament , and if you haven’t come across it yet – do yourself a favor and check it out! I plan on visiting often so who knows, maybe I’ll see you there!