Egg Hosts with the Most!

For any fabulous event, you need a fabulous venue.  The MadPea Egg Hunt was designed to provide the best possible fun with the best possible prizes – but we would be the first to admit we would be nowhere without our wonderful Egg Hosts!

These are the people that have taken the trouble to buy and hide our beautiful eggs, and I wanted to find out more about how they were getting on.

The egg-citing new home décor store Hazeel

Robbie and Stellie Eel run Hazeel, a gorgeous home décor store at Kootenay.    I asked them why they decided to buy eggs and participate in the Egg Hunt in the first place.  “We just opened our store and this was a great opportunity to gain some traffic and to get name of our shop known by more people. Also, we looove egg hunting!!”

They are obviously very keen egg hosts, but are they seeing a benefit for participating?  “Ohh yes!” Robbie told me,  “we have already had a couple of hundred unique persons visiting the shop, so the real traffic is much higher because we rezz eggs all the time. We saw people coming to hunt and they also started buying stuff. We often sit on the terrace in front of the shop and watch all those hunters try their best. I must say: really enjoyable!”

The pretty-as-a-picture farm store DFS

Digital Farm System is based at a beautiful rural location in Moore.  There is a store, a Farmer’s Market and Auction House, set in stunning woodlands.  Aria Songlark, a creator at DFS, agreed in spades with the benefits of hosting our MadPea eggs.  The amount of people that landed in her shop was way beyond her expectations.  “I swear, I just rezzed my first egg and BAM…  people!  My jaw kinda dropped!”

Positively pink-a-licious! Yes, it’s Baby Burp!

Sammi Curtau is the pint-sized owner of Baby Burp, based in Kawaii Ville.  Her store specialises in items for child avatars, and she happily told me of her own hunting experiences.  “It’s definitely a great hunt with a lot of fun to be had” she told me, “and I was happy to see how many child-friendly stores were participating.  Not all of the locations allow child avatars though.”  Luckily, the adult sims are marked.  “Yes and there are still plenty of places we can go.  I love the prizes!  So far I have the fountain and the pillows, and my brother has the hot air balloon and the carrot dresser!”

I asked her if she had received any feedback from the hunters coming through her store.  “It’s going really well and there’s a lot of people coming to the store daily.  I think they really appreciate it.  A lot of them message me and say thank you for hiding eggs for them to find!”

Martinique – Rene and Boomer’s tropical home

Lastly, I popped in to see Rene who, together with her partner Boomer, own the beautiful Martinique, based at Twilight Hollow.  Unlike the previous places, Martinique isn’t a store, but rather Rene and Boomer’s home.  It’s a large, stunning tropical island, surrounded by peaceful waters and peppered features like cosy nooks for hanging with friends or having a romantic interlude.  Rene told me that she had loads of fun there, and participated in the Egg Hunt because she wanted others to enjoy it the lovely surroundings as well.

I asked her if it was easy to set up the eggs on her land?  “Yes, I followed the directions this morning specifically and had people here straight away – before I could hide all of my eggs!”  It sounds like a really positive experience. “Also, I have a friend who is a DJ and we talked about having a welcome party for a few hours here during the hunt.”  So would Rene recommend buying eggs to others too?
She didn’t even hesitate  “I would! :)”

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