Eggs-treme Egg Hunters!

With the MadPea Easter Egg Hunt in full swing, we have been awarding daily $500L prizes for the top 3 egg hunters!  So not only can you collect points to exchange for any of 40+ fantastic hunt prizes, but now you could earn an extra bonus too!

I caught up with some of our top hunters to find out what they thought of our eggs-citing game!

One of our top egg hunters, Candy, at Mad City

Candy (Bloodycandycane Resident) has been a bunny on a mission.  On Thursday, she collected 10, 470 points and became one of our fuzziest $500L winners!  I asked her how she was enjoying the Hunt.  “It’s been great . The best part is friends and the great sims to hunt in.  I know some people have found some of the eggs difficult to find, but I like that.  Like when someone hides an egg way up in the air.  That’s fun!”

Kaity told me she wheely likes the MadPea Egg Hunt!

Kaity (Lil Afterthought) is one of our smaller hunters  – although by no means the only one.  The game is family-friendly and attracts single players and groups alike.  I asked Kaity about her experiences of the game so far.  “I’m really enjoying it this year. It’s shown me how much SL has grown in tolerance of one another, I haven’t encountered any prejudice like I have done sometimes in the past. I also come from the side of buying a egg package and hiding them on my sim, which has helped with the exposure of my own sim and event.”  And how has the game worked for her smaller avatar?  “It’s been really great!  I haven’t seen any disadvantages.  Sometimes I have to jump to be close enough to the eggs but I get there in the end!”  And what did she think about the extra $500L prizes for the top 3 hunters every day?  “I love that extra competition side that helps you keep going to see how well you can do with the points!”

Jax in bunny form, posing with the one and only MadPea!

Jax (Cdncntryjack Resident) is a MadPea regular, so it was lovely to see him getting into the spirit of the hunt.  “I think the egg hunt has been fantastic!”  He told me.  “All the egg hunters and egg hosts I have come across in travels across the grid are all enjoying it greatly. I think it turned out to be a major success for MadPea.”  He’s also picked up all of the 5 available Achievement Points along the way.  “I’ve become Lord Of The Eggs!” he laughed,  “it hasn’t gone to my head yet, but can’t guarantee by later next week with all these eggs around!”

Ngty conveniently standing by the Egg display at the Main Store

Lastly, I couldn’t resist congratulating one of our newer Peas Ngty (naughtystyle.deluxe) on being such an awesome Egg Hunter.  He got an amazing total of 9,435 on Friday and won $500L for being in the top 3 that day – how on earth did he manage that?  “Well I didn’t wanted to invest that much time,” he confided “but then it was so much fun, I couldn’t stop!”.

Ntgy got an extra bonus too when I told him that the Achievement points he earned on the Hunt meant he could pick up a NooPea gift at the store.  I’m looking forward to seeing how he gets on with the rest of the eggs!

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