Welcome, and thank you for playing MadPea’s Escape Room: The Bunker. You have wandered into this strange and mysterious bunker, and now you have only 30 minutes to make it out alive. To get started please click on the front door of the bunker, accept the HUD, attach it, and then click the door once more to open it. More than one person can play simultaneously, but everyone’s progress is their own.



Using the HUD is simple, it has three functions.

  1. Use – Click on the object in your inventory, it will turn green.  Then click on the object in the room you want to use that inventory item on. Please note: as your inventory fills up, a down arrow will appear so that you may scroll through additional inventory items.
  2. Inspect- Click on the magnifying glass on your HUD, it will turn green. Then click on any object in your inventory to take a closer look at that item. When you are done with inspection mode just click the magnifying glass again to unselect it.
  3. Combine- Click the button that looks like a square with arrows swirling around it, it will turn green. A combine screen will swing out from the HUD and allow you to select up to 4 inventory items. Click combine when you are happy with your selections. To deactivate combine mode, just click the square and arrows icon again.

The Timer

This game is timed! You have only 30 minutes to complete the game before it removes your HUD. Once your HUD detaches, all progress will be lost and you must exit the room to start again. Please note: if you manually remove your HUD or log off of Second Life, you will also lose all your progress.


There are three achievements to unlock in the bunker! Players can earn achievements from many of our games and events; leveling up earns you exclusive prizes and bragging rights. You can always check your place on the leaderboard HERE.

Gameplay Tips

  • You will need to search the room and look at every clue carefully. Familiarize yourself with alt-zooming, or the camera controls in your viewer for the best experience. 
  • For a full immersion experience please enable your sounds.
  • If you need help, we encourage you to ask in our in-world group. Other players will be happy to give you a hint.
  • If you REALLY want to cheat, there is a full walkthrough available. Just click the MadPea icon at the top of your HUD, if you can stand the overwhelming sense of shame.

We hope you enjoy the game, and if you would like to purchase one for yourself or as a gift please visit our Mainstore or Marketplace. Have fun, and good luck with your escape!