Mark your calendars for February 18th – March 4th: the best thing on the menu is coming to Second Life!

Introducing the MadPea International Food Fair, a tasty festival chock full of shopping, art and live entertainment to benefit Feed a Smile. Our goal is building a kitchen for impoverished school children in the Rhonda Slums of Nakuru, Kenya.

The MadPea International Food Fair will raise funds for the kitchen with the help of some of the grid’s top designers, who will sell exclusive food-themed items and gachas throughout the event with 50% of all earnings going toward Feed a Smile. Additionally, donations will be accepted throughout the fair.

The fair will be a full cultural feast; alongside the awesome shopping, live musicians and DJs will provide music at the festival’s Center Stage virtually round-the-clock. Additionally, Kultivate Magazine has curated an art exhibit to inspire and amaze.

We’ve already taken a bite out of our goal – the kitchen’s foundations are now being dug thanks to the money that’s been raised through fair even before we’ve opened the doors. This appetizer has only made us hungry for more. We can’t wait to welcome you to the fair where together we can make a big difference

Participating Designers