Join us this weekend from Sat. July 28 12pm SLT- Monday July 30 12pm SLT for another ExPEAdition ExPEArience. Hunt through all four seasons to find the lost sands of time and help old Father Time save RoseGarden before the seasons are lost forever! Complete the hunt and get not only a really cool EXCLUSIVE prize – but also a handy dandy achievement to wrack up those points for the Leaderboard! Keep reading to find out more about our father time and what you can do to help!

Sweater weather is better weather – Winter at RoseGarden is a beautiful experience.

“Oh dear… Oh dear me.. No, no, no… this will not do… not do at all…” The old man stood in a room, in a tower, in a world perched on the edge of time. He took a look through his telescope and tutted again, his white beard swaying as he whirled around and began looking at the eternity of shelves that stretched out around him. Something was amiss. Something was out of place. Something was very, very wrong.

Spring is for day dreams, gardens and… giant bunnies?

Shelves stretched up and shelves stretched down, they stretched in and out and sideways and row after row after row after row every single shelf was lined with hour glasses. Father time, for this is who he was, turned to a wide crank nearly as large as he, and began turning and turning and turning so that the shelves moved and turned with him until at last he found the section he was looking for.

Summer celebrations abound on summer island in RoseGarden

However when he saw what he saw… and realized what he realized… his time wizened features fell and he muttered out a very dreary “Oh Dear.” For the shelves he now looked upon… were empty. Father time turned once more to look out of his telescope down to what appeared to be the lovely islands of RoseGarden – a place that celebrated times many passing’s.

Autumn Island at RoseGarden is a beautiful cornucopia of everything that ‘falls’ into the season!

It was a place that held Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall all within one beautiful paradise… but without the sands of time keeping everything in tune with what and where it ought to be – pure chaos was soon to wreak havoc upon this beautiful place. Father time realized that this was not a task he could manage on his own and he turned to his desk where there sat a single green very decidedly ‘pea shaped’ telephone. He picked it up and spoke gravely into the mouthpiece “Call in the Peas… I need their help!” …..

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