A few weeks ago we had the distinct pleasure of hosting a fabulous ExPEAdition at the beautiful Tagus Enchanted Forest. As all of our Peas explored the ethereal landscaping of a forest lost to the wilderness and beauty of Dark Fairies, they had to hunt for the root of evil by finding the many dark flowers hidden throughout the sim. It was a wonderful turnout and we all had so much fun sharing it with all of our great freinds at MadPea!

A beautiful fae on the hunt to wipe out the evil from the forest!

One of the best parts of any ExPEAdition is getting to know the sim owners that created these amazing environments that we all get to enjoy. It really takes a special spark of creativity to build something up that really knows how to bring life to an atmosphere and being able to see a little of what is behind that spark is always a treat. For Lady Amalthea (meganwhitlock Resident) the part she enjoyed most was “Meeting new people and watching them enjoy the event.” as the sim was completely overrun by our large MadPea pod.

One of the many amazing places hidden in the Tagus Forest

However just because the ExPEAdition ended, that doesn’t mean the fun has! In fact Lady Amalthea enjoyed it so much she wished it never had to end! When asked she said the experience was “Simply wonderful. It was so much fun having an opportunity to be creative trying to match the sim’s look and feel to the ExPEAdition theme and hearing the feedback from the Peas. In fact, it was a bit sad when then the event came to an end.” We wish it didn’t have to end either Lady Amalthea!!

You could almost expect the beast to be lurking in a castle nearby!

But of course with MadPea the fun never ends and there is always something fantastic and new waiting just around the corner. In fact, in just a few weeks we will be hosting our next ExPEAdition and the location for this one is a place very near and dear to our MadPea hearts. Would you be terribly surprised to find out we had something super amazing up our sleeve? I think not… What exactly it is, I can’t say just yet but make sure you pay attention to what’s coming in the next few weeks as we are about to take fun and games in Second Life to a whole new level!

Some of our peas on the hunt!

Check out Tagus Forest and say hi to Lady Amalthea for us!

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