ExPEAdition ExPEAdition ExPEAdition!

Over the years MadPea has hosted several of what we like to call ExPEAditions! But what exactly is an ExPEAdition and what makes them so much fun? Today we are going to take a closer look at the whole experience and all they entail.

Second Life is a dreamscape of fantastical realms and new worlds and old worlds reimagined. As the creators of these worlds we are capable of bringing to life any vision we could possibly begin to dream of and many of us on the grid do exactly that. Have you ever traveled around different sims and come across one so beautiful that you wanted to share it with everyone you knew? Or perhaps it wasn’t beautiful, perhaps it was rugged and dirty and gritty – but so fantastically detailed that you just fell in love with it? These are special places, and in the fleeting life span of the world of the internet, and in particular Second Life, we want to find a way to celebrate these special places and the special people who create them.

Some MadPea group members showing off their exPEAdition prizes.

MadPea is known throughout Second Life for their many games and Hunts. Any time we can stick in some kind of fun for our Peas to enjoy, we do. So what better way to celebrate these wonderful and amazing places on the grid than by hosting a hunt on them? Can we say Field Trip!?! And while many of our hunts do require a small fee to join in, the ExPEAditions are always free to play and always include an exclusive prize AND achievement to win up on that MadPea Leaderboard we all love so very much!

But how does it work, what do you do? And where is the HUD? Well my little Pealets, there is no HUD. “NO HUD?” you say! That’s madness! Why yes, yes it is… MadPeaness to be exact. But really, no HUD needed! Of course our goal for the whole ExPEAdition is to showcase a really unique and wonderful sim, we really want you to dig in and explore. So instead of a HUD to show you the way, you will get a list of hints and clues and a little extra information on that particular sim and ExPEAdition ExPEAriance it is offering. Perhaps some of you remember our most recent ExPEAdition at the magnificent Collins Land? We had to save a family of foxes by finding all of the little baby foxes. There will always be an object to search for and when you find one, you just click it! And off you go to the next until you’ve rounded them all up! Easy Peasy! Get it… Peasy… ? Ha. Once you’ve clicked on all the objects hidden on the sim you get to claim your very own, one of a kind, EXCLUSIVE prize AND Achievement!

An inner tube and re-breather help this Pea navigate the deep waters of Glass Jars, while another Pea has a chat on her exPEAdition phone.

What about the rules!? There must be rules! There are always rules! For ExPEAditions we like to keep things as loose and relaxed as possible. After all we’re just here to have fun and hunt for some cool swag. However it is always a wise idea to consider the rules of the sim we are all invading and said rules will always be made available. Also it is a good idea to keep in mind that while many games/hunts/events MadPea offers are geared towards an adult only crowd, ExPEAditions are intended to be ‘family’ friendly and are always hosted on moderate sims! So let’s be sure we keep all of our bits and bobs fully covered for the durations of the ExPEAdition ExPEArience to ensure maximum enjoyment for all!

So that’s it folks! That’s ExPEAdition in a peapod! Get it? Peapod? Nutshell? I slay. Oh but you want to know why we are talking about ExPEAditions today? Could it possibly be because there is one coming up? Whaaaat? Get out! And you think maybe it’s this weekend??? What was that? Starting the 28th at 12pm slt you say? Could be… could be…. Better keep your PEApers out! Oh, I’m on a roll.


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