I have a gift card that is showing blocked. What should I do?2020-05-29T13:01:01-07:00

Due to bug abuse we have had to, unfortunately, disable our Gift Cards.  If you have a remaining balance on your Gift Card, please send a notecard to Pandagroov Windstorm. Panda will contact you personally. Because of the nature of the abuse, we will need to be able to confirm where you got the Gift Card from so please be prepared to prove that.  We apologize for this inconvenience.

It is possible to get MadPea to change the permissions on an item or customize an item for me?2020-05-19T10:13:52-07:00

MadPea items are sold “as is”. Permissions can not be changed.

Additionally, MadPea does not accept custom requests.

I recently changed avatars. Can my achievements and/or MadPoint be transferred to my new avatar?2020-05-19T10:04:40-07:00

No, sorry, achievements or MadPoints are non-transferrable.

I am playing one of your interactive games & I never received the pop-up asking me to accept the experience.2020-05-19T10:02:56-07:00

Make sure you are at a location that has the MadPea experience enabled, like the MadPea sim. Add the game HUD there. You can, also, add the MadPea experience to your home sim or parcel (if you have the ability) by clicking on your sim name at the top of your viewer. An ‘About Land’ box will appear. Go to the ‘Experiences’ tab. In the Allowed Experiences box, click the Add button. When the Choose Experience box pops up, type in MadPea, and click Go. You will see the MadPea experience listed. Make sure it is highlighted and click OK. That’s it! You now have then MadPea experience enabled on your sim/parcel.

What is MadPea Premium & What are the perks for joining?2020-07-29T06:32:40-07:00
There are items on the Marketplace that I do not see in the store. How can I view these before I purchase it?2020-05-19T10:14:17-07:00

We have a rezzer platform located at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/MadPea%20Mad%20City/128/148/2002 that contains many of our items too big to display in the store.

If you still do not see what you are looking for there, contact Blush Topaz or Quiggles78 Resident and they will be happy to rez an item for you.

I played the gacha machine and one of my items did not deliver. What do I do?2020-05-19T10:14:46-07:00

All gacha items are transferable upon purchase.

If an item is not delivered, please send a notecard with your transaction history of purchases from that machine (copy/pasted to a notecard in-world, please) and a screenshot (using gyazo, lightshot, etc and not a snapshot through your viewer, please) of the items that did make it into your inventory.

PLEASE NOTE that we cannot look up the history to see what item was not delivered. We will, therefore, not send you any random item from that machine as a replacement. You may be refunded for any non-delivered items. If you accidentally decline an item, you may send our Sales Manager a notecard with PROOF that you have declined the item (a screenshot via gyazo, lightshot, etc. of the local chat will be enough) and it can be replaced. 

I’ve made a duplicate purchase. What do I need to do to get a refund?2020-05-19T10:15:07-07:00

Send your transaction history on a notecard to Pandagroov Windstorm.

How do I contact online support?2019-07-08T05:30:46-07:00

You can submit a ticket for support and our CSRs will get back with you within 24-48 hours. http://support.madpeagames.com/

What if something appears to be glitching in a game?2020-05-19T09:14:29-07:00

Try relogging, many times it is a lag based issue.  If it is still glitching, please file a support ticket at http://support.madpeagames.com/.

What do I do if my HUD doesn’t attach?2020-05-19T09:18:22-07:00

Try going to another sim and attaching it there. Also try taking off some of your avatar attachments since there are a limited number of attachment points.   If that doesn’t work, please try a relog.

How do I get redelivery for a gifted item?2020-05-19T10:16:04-07:00

You can ask the person who purchased it for you to have it redelivered by them going to the redelivery at the front desk of the main store:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/MadPea/59/141/33.

How do I get redelivery?2019-07-08T05:29:22-07:00

For items, click the redelivery sign at the front desk in the mainstore: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/MadPea%20Mad%20City/47/177/34

What are MadPoints? How do I get them and where do I use them?2020-05-19T10:16:25-07:00

MadPoints is a MadPea currency exclusive to MadPea games and activities. MadPoints can be used for all kinds of fun things in the MadPea universe!

MadPoints can be used to purchase merchandise at the Main Store.

You can play games at Mad World, such as Spin & Win or Shoot & Win, to win prizes or more MadPoints.

You can earn MadPoints by taking part in our activities, or you can purchase them from the MadPoints vendor.

MadPoints can be purchased with Linden Dollars from the MadPoints vendors at Mad World and come in the following increments:

  • L$100 – 400MP
  • L$250 – 1000MP
  • L$500 – 2000MP
  • L$1000 – 4000MP

MadPoints cannot be used for gacha, gift cards or to purchase game HUDs.


How do I get started on the games?2020-05-15T16:40:53-07:00

For many of our games we publish a “How To Play” blog post:

If we don’t have a “How to Play” post, you can ask for help in group chat.

Do you accept game ideas and concepts?2020-05-19T09:16:44-07:00

No, we don’t accept game ideas or concepts at this time.

What if I have feedback or suggestions?2020-05-15T16:49:04-07:00

There is a mailbox for feedback and suggestions on the main store at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/MadPea/59/141/33

Is there a way to exchange gachas?2020-05-19T10:17:24-07:00
    • Inside your boxes, there will be a notecard with information on exchanging your gacha if that item can be exchanged. 
    • There are gacha policy givers at the main store for the most up to date information.
    • You can find our gacha trade stations at our main store: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/MadPea/59/141/33
May I continue a game where I let off if I need to leave it?2019-07-08T05:25:04-07:00

Yes, our HUD system saves your game where you left off and with your achievements.

I’m stuck on part of a game and need a clue! How do I get help?2020-05-19T10:18:08-07:00


Make sure you join our MadPea Chat group, or MadPea Premium group, for assistance from peer Pea Helpers.

    • *Please note that these helpers are not part of the MadPea crew. They are fellow Peas who have already played the game and are volunteering to assist others. Please be nice to them!
    • Be careful to not post spoilers, just ask for help in the game or hunt you are in at the moment.
Does MadPea have social media?2019-07-08T05:24:05-07:00

Yes! You can follow our social media to keep up to date with what’s going on at MadPea as well as sneak peeks, contests, and giveaways!

Where can I find out what’s going on at MadPea right now?2020-05-19T10:12:00-07:00

You can find out what’s going on at MadPea, on the website, http://www.madpeagames.com/.

Additionally, a notecard giver at the Achievements building will provide you with a list of all the things to see and do at MadPea. You can find it here: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/MadPea/46/122/33