Mad Summer ’19 Fishing Tournament has people fishing like… um… MadPeas and we kicked that fishing frenzy up to 11 with the addition of the MadPea Fishing Derby.

You don’t know what the MadPea Fishing Derby is?  Let me hook you up with the details.

At a pre-announced scheduled time, all the fishing stations that are currently out on the SL Grid reset,  allowing you to catch as many fish as you can as fast as you can for the next two hours.

During the Derby, you will receive TRIPLE Personal and TRIPLE Mad Points for your catches.

In addition, the top fisher of each Derby time will win a special Golden Fish Display for being in the first place.

For our first Derby, the winner was Kaboogie Snoodle.  Kaboogie managed to catch a grand total of 116 fish during the first Derby round.

During the second round, the winner was Jurgen Strom with a catch of 115.

With Fishing Derbies scheduled throughout until the end of the Fishing Tourney, will YOU be our next Derby champ?

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