At the end of July,  MadPea Summer ’19 Fishing Tournament was introduced with exciting new additions to how MadPea hunts run.  I am positive that MadPea will never replace is that how we celebrate our weekly top hunters – or shall I say, fishermen – of the week.  At the conclusion of week number four, our top angler on the leaderboard was Angelus Le FeR. (a.k.a. barefootbrit)

Angelus first got curious about Second Life after reading an article about online gaming.  He told me, “Of course curiosity got to me as usual, I created an avatar and logged on soon after that.”  Angelus added, “I started like most newcomers to SL but learned the basics rather quickly.  Soon I found myself living a 2nd life in ancient Rome.”  He went on to explain, “My avocations in Second Life have included, theatre management,  preforming in musical shows, and even owning a store of my own.”  Angelus’ latest venture was having a ski resort and village for the MadPea Christmas Hunt, which is now a working horse farm and equestrian center that is the centermost of his time here in sl now.

In addition to all of the above, Angelus told me this wonderful bit about himself, “I have some great friends in Second Life and it is this that makes me return still, albeit not so frequent as before. Several of my friendships have extended beyond the grid with meetups in London, Paris, and Stockholm which all have been fantastic trips.


Angelus with one of the many shiny prizes from the Fishing Tournament


I queried Angelus about how he discovered MadPea and got this lovely detailed response, “I was sitting in my toga looking out on an empty sim, searching for things to do when I found MadPea.  I have always enjoyed doing hunts in the virtual world, much to the amusement of my friends, but MadPea sounded to be more exciting than the usual and you did not disappoint. I have always been an advocate of MadPea, enjoying the quests and games. I think my first major prize was the MadPea bandit sailboat which I still have and use on the Blake Sea.”

When asked How do you catch all those fish? I received this adorable answer, “I figured that to be effective in catching the fish, I had to watch fellow MadPea Granny, and learn her technique, however, she is too quick for me so I rely on good old luck. The fishing derby really helped me last week and is a great addition to the tournament. I will certainly do another if I am able to participate. It certainly is beneficial to all the fishermen in building up their points to exchange for prizes.”

I next quizzed Angelus about his favorite fishing station, he confessed he really liked the fishbowl but didn’t find it to be his friend during the derby times, for that he preferred seeing a boat to fish at instead.

Angelus recommends the Fishing Boat as the station of choice during the Derby times.


I was interested to know which fishing location or locations were Angelus’ favorites and his reply was very encouraging for all hosts of the hunt as he told me, “That’s really difficult to say as I appreciate all hosters who contribute to your events as it is a cost to them for the enjoyment of the MadPeas. If I had to give a personal favorite though, it would be Ethereal Sanctuary as it is such a relaxing sim and they are always so generous in the hunts.”

Angelus went on to tell me that his favorite random prize from the Fishing Tournament was the shiny fishing rod. Also, he has had great fun with the tournament and is hopeful to fish in another Derby time soon.

As a parting bit of fishing wisdom to his fellow fish wranglers was this, “Some of us just seem to be magnets for the junk that needs to be cleaned from the SL waterways, but keep on fishing, making the most of your time during Derbies and Mad Hours to boost those points!


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