Recently our MadPea Summer ’19 Fishing Tournament began with all kinds of new and improved features to our hunt roster, err fishing but one thing we definitely kept was the Top of the Leaderboard recognition.

For our very first week of fishing, our Top of the Leaderboard was Granny aka (93yearold).


Granny with her dear friend Kitty, and her constant companion Bruce.  Photo courtesy of Kitty, who describes Granny as a “Looker!”

I made sure to catch up with Granny to congratulate her on making the top fisherman spot and to shoot a few questions to her so we could get to know her better.

I asked Granny how she came to find SL and was told Granny was an alt avatar created, in hopes that being a “little old lady would allow her to have fun and explore without the age/sex/location questions.  But in her other SL-ife, she told me she’s been a fan of MadPea for a quite long while.

I mentioned her great prowess at fishing during the tournament and she was gracious enough to give me her secrets.  The first secret she told me was, “Being an old lady, I don’t sleep much, and I have a lot of spare time, so I often check to see if there is another open location for me to fish from.

It was then she laid the BIG secret on me. Telling me her favorite type of bait to use for fishing.  “Cookies!”, she exclaimed.  “Always Cookies and ones with lots of chocolate bits are the secret,” she said.  After I recorded that awesome fishing tip,  I mentioned that our resident MadPea pixies would surely be tracking her for those cookies, she laughed and told me she would just bake more.

I inquired if Granny had a favorite location that had caught her eye while she was fishing.  She began by telling me there were so many beautiful places, like the Pyrenees-Atlantiques, ACC and so many more lovely places that she couldn’t begin to remember all the names.  “I have used up all my hearts already,”  she sighed.   Granny expounded saying, she has visited so many new and amazing locations that she most likely wouldn’t have found without this Summer tournament.

We also talked about the Fishing Stations and if one of them had caught her fancy.  “The Fishing Boat” was the answer Granny gave me.  She loved all the inventive ways that the sim owners had put the boat out.  She laughed as she told me the “sunken” boats caught her off guard a few times, and she was a fan of Pandagroov’s boat placement as well.


Granny with Bruce by her side, ready to fish from her favorite fishing station the “Fishing Boat”.

We talked about the “Shiny” prizes that you can catch, as well during our conversation.   “Those are fun to catch, especially since there are new ones out now,” Granny expressed.

I remarked to her that she’s become a fast favorite in the MadPea chat, and that had her “grinning like a loon” her expression not mine.  She said to be very honest she loves chatting with her fellow Peas and was very tickled by a nickname the chat had given themselves.  Granny says the collectively the Peas are now a “StamPEAd.”  She laid the credit for this new title to the creative mind of Alexandra Shepard.

I also sought if Granny or her companion Bruce had any words of Wisdom for her fellow anglers.  Granny says: “Always wash your hands, don’t live in a tiny house and most of all, always have fun.”

In closing, I was curious and asked Granny if she had tried any of the other activities or experiences from MadPea, like Silver Moon or Rising of the Witch?  She recounted to me that this was her first, but that she had just finished The Haunting of Jessica’s Doll House, finding it fun and addictive.  I laughed at pun when she told me, “Don’t worry.  I am “hooked” by MadPea now!

Join up with Granny and fish for fun and more during the MadPea Summer ’19 Fishing Tourney!


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