At the end of July,  MadPea Summer ’19 Fishing Tournament was introduced with exciting new additions to how MadPea hunts run.  One thing for certain that will never change is that how we celebrate our weekly top hunters – or shall I say, fishermen – of the week.  At the conclusion of week number three, our Top of the Leaderboard was Jurgen Strom. (Jurgenstrom).

I always like to start off my interviews with finding out how players found Second Life and what keeps them coming back.  Jurgen found about this virtual world while hanging out in a chat room then decided to give SL a try.  A magnitude of items kept Jurgen inworld, meeting people from all over the globe, hands-on learning around the grid, working with a company for several years, also taking, then teaching school classes.  Such an impressive avatar resume!

Staying in SL also afforded him the chance to encounter MadPea via his wife, Riviera Medier.  You could say he was, “spoused in” to MadPea.  Jurgen’s wife who is addicted to MadPea hunts with him, and as Jurgen says “Besides, MadPea is the BEST.”

Jurgen and his lovely wife Riviera fishing during the MadPea Summer ’19 Fishing Tourney

Jurgen had lovely things to say about the sims he’d fished on.  “Northern Westeros Blue Ocean SIM is amazing!” he exclaimed. Then Jurgen added, “I danced with my wife on the top of the ice wall listening to A Game of Hodor for 10 hours, so it is a very magical sim.”  He told me about more favorite fishing locales declaring, “Aquila III is really interesting, with the giant Kraken tentacles, hidden tech caves, submarines, the Tesla tower, and a mix of nature and steampunk, and the owners are always changing the sim to make it interesting.”  Jurgen continued with, “I also found monsters from the Halloween hunt at Aquila III. It was great to remember the other hunts we had, like Halloween and Santa’s hunt. Searching for them in the caves there was fun!” He concluded by telling me that, “Also worthy of mention is the biker sim, United Souls MC at Dragon’s Harbor.”

I asked Jurgen what fishing station was his favorite, and got a wonderfully lighthearted reply, “The fountain for sure.   If you like to fish you fish on a dock, but if you are nuts about fishing, you fish on a fountain!”  He also related that he found the fishbowl station in some strange places, finding one hiding in a cauldron and even one sitting on a toilet!

Jurgen fishing on his favorite MadPea Fishing Station, the Fountain.

Jurgen had some great thoughts he shared about the Summer ’19 Fishing Tournament, “For me, it is a thrilling experience, a fierce competition where each fish counted, even the “cleaning of the sea” items,  he laughed.” “The prizes given throughout the whole competition make the fishing tournament very worth fishing and rewarding for all different levels of players.
“Besides all that,” Jurgen remarked, “the amazing locations integrated their fishing stations on the sims in very clever funny ways, making it a discovery experience, with hidden undersea caves, wrecked boats, underground hideouts, or even a boat being attacked by the terrifying Kraken!”  He told me of also seeing a giant woman holding a cabin with the fishing bowl hidden in it, funny signs about fishing on the docks, cats and raccoons trying to catch the fishes in the fishing bowls, pirates and old cannons.” “All these things created an adventure, written by the sim owners,”  Jurgen recounted, “With us, the players in the main role of recounting the experiences on the MadPea group gave us fun and entertainment when we ran out of locations to fish.  Plus the other activities such as the beach party and trivia game to increase our bond and allows the players to meet each other.”  Jurgen also noted that the race to achieve the group points needed to unlock special prizes was very exciting, as were the shiny prizes.  He explained that he found the shiny rod, tent binocular case and the fish displays to be awesome.

Jurgen really enjoyed the Mad Hour and declared, ” Mad Hour was MAD! TPing in sprints from sim to sim to catch all the double Madpoints.”  He also was very excited to fish in the Derby later on Saturday, saying, “It’s an amazing idea! Imagine all those people fishing like crazy”

One of the last things that Jurgen wanted me to know was how he appreciated the MadPea staff was with their quick responses to issues or questions that came up.  As a piece of parting wisdom Jurgen told me this to pass on to the fellow anglers out there: “Keep Calm and Fish.”

You can “Keep Calm and Fish,” by checking the links below for more information on the MadPea Summer ’19 Fishing Tournament.  See you there!

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